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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Eliminate Embarrassing Body Fat Through Exclusive Diet Plans Without the Complications of Weight Loss Surgery

Diet Doc’s body fat burning diet plans help patients quickly shed unwanted extra weight safely and rapidly and without the many potential health concerns commonly seen with weight loss surgery.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- While weight loss surgery may seem like a fast answer for those in America trying to eliminate excess body fat, checking out the scary health complications that can accompany these types of procedures could save dieters from unforeseen medical expenses. And, what many dieters may not realize is that they can achieve the same, and better results by following one of Diet Doc’s exclusive hCG diet plans that utilize fat burning diet pills and all natural supplements to provide quick and easy fat loss. Diet Doc’s unique hCG diet plan protocol has helped thousands of their clients rapidly reach their fat loss goals without having to go under the knife for weight loss surgery or risk dangerous health complications.

Health experts have identified the many long-term and short-term problems that have been seen following weight loss surgery, which could make this option for reducing body fat a less popular choice. Short-term effects of weight loss surgery include leaks at the staple lines in the stomach, blood clots and incision infections that can most often be treated by a physician, but, in some instances have created a need for emergency medical care. Long-term effects of weight loss surgery can be more concerning for the health of surgery participants and include concerns for ulcers, hernias, hair loss and mood swings. Some patients who choose weight loss surgery have also experienced an inability to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals resulting in anemia, neurologic complications, kidney stone disease and possible bone disease. While some patients are encouraged by the quick results offered with surgery, the seriousness of the potential for complications steers most in the direction of a healthy hCG diet plan to eliminate excess body fat.

Diet Doc’s low calorie hCG diet plans are supplemented with natural fat burning and appetite controlling diet pills to allow for a fast and comfortable transition to a healthier, slimmer figure. Some of Diet Doc’s more popular body fat eliminating diet pills include supplements containing green coffee extract that encourage increased fat burn by stabilizing blood sugar levels. These effective supplements work seamlessly with healthy hCG diet plans to offer patients the safe and fast results they desire. And, to combat any negative side effects that can be felt when following a low calorie hCG diet plan, Diet Doc offers supplements like electrolyte replacement pills and supplements enhanced with vitamin B12 to increase energy levels.

Once patients decide to begin safely eliminating body fat with one of Diet Doc’s exclusive hCG diet plans, they will consult with a highly trained Diet Doc physician and will receive a one-year prescription for their body fat burning supplements. Because patient progress is continuously monitored throughout their program, any diet pills or supplements the patient is using can be modified to increase the rate that the patient is burning excess fat. Diet Doc created their hCG diet plans to provide clients with a fast, easy and effective method for reaching their fat loss goals without having to put their health at risk and, through their plans, have helped thousands of patients successfully reach their goals.

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