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Body Fitness Expert Explores How Men Can Regrow Hair Naturally


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Body Fitness Expert founder, Hugo Leveille, provides people with information and tips on a comprehensive array of health and fitness concerns and the most recent topic the site tackled is how to regrow hair naturally. Leveille provides news about technological advances, relevant, and current health-related topics for people of all ages.

"Ditch the products and promises and take a holistic and more healthful approach," said Leveille. "Follow the tips and you can be on your way to healthier hair and a healthier you."

A full two-thirds of all men will experience significant hair loss and according to the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness is responsible for 95 percent of male hair loss by the age of 35. For many men, a full head of hair is inextricably entwined with their concept of virility and masculinity.

In the search for a leonine mane, men have tried home remedies ranging from limiting meat in their diet to rubbing herbal concoctions on their scalp. Before embarking on a hair regrowth program, it's essential that men understand why their hair is disappearing and what's involved.

Natural hair growth depends on a variety of factors, but genetics is the governing influence in hair loss. A variety of medical conditions can also account for hair loss, including deficiencies in vitamins and proteins, hyperthyroidism, some medications, and chemotherapy for cancer. Certain hairstyles are more conducive to hair loss than others and a fungal infection may also exist.

In the discussion about hair loss, Body Fitness Expert explores popular products that promise hair regrowth and restoration, along with the potential for adverse effects. The site examines techniques that men can utilize to preserve the hair they have and how to stimulate growth.

A certain amount of hair loss is normal within the natural aging process, but wholesale thinning and outright loss is deeply traumatic for the vast majority of men. It happens slowly over many years, making it especially difficult to identify in the early stages.

The tips on how to regrow hair naturally by Body Fitness Expert provides men with sound information based on scientific evidence. The site offers an in-depth look at hair loss, its causes, and practical advice for addressing thinning hair that helps preserve existing manes.

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