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Body in Balance Launches 4 eBooks on Weight Loss & Fitness for the Health Conscious

With all the recent influx of information on the topic of weight loss, the process itself has been a lot more difficult. Thankfully, with the launch of no less than 4 incredibly detailed Healthy Lifestyle eBooks on how to attain fitness, Body in Balance is determined to help individuals lose weight naturally at


Gent, Flemish -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- For some reason, losing weight has been made to sound like one immensely tough goal to achieve. Instead of focusing on eating healthy and exercising regularly, people now tend to focus more on crash diets and diet supplements. Dangerous, expensive, and designed specifically to attain short term results, these diet plans and supplements are best suited for internet boasting and marketing hype. In the real world, experts strictly advise against the utilization of such methods, and instead advise people to focus more on achieving fitness through natural means. However, following the basics is not as simple as it sounds either. With all the information flooded on the internet from multiple directions, it has become almost impossible for the common man to ascertain what really makes up the basics of weight loss and fitness. Thankfully, Amy Goodrich, the mastermind behind Body in Balance, has created comprehensive and well sought out 4 eBooks, each of which focuses on different aspects of weight loss and how to attain fitness the natural way.

Healthy Lifestyle – The Way it Should Be

The Healthy Lifestyle line of eBooks introduced by Body In Balance has 4 different books based on distinct subjects. For a better understanding of the books, here is each E-Book listed by the subject it is based on:
1. Healthy Lifestyle, Natural Secret for Permanent Weight Loss: This book focuses on how to attain long term weight loss results and comes with a step by step guide on how individuals can lose weight without much trouble.
2. Creative Salad Recipes: Emphasizes and trains individuals on how to make vegetables and fruits an important part of the daily diet. Moreover, the book comes with numerous recipes to make delicious snacks by fruits and vegetables.
3. Delicious Smoothie Recipes: A book created for those who possess little knowledge about low caloric meals. The content comes loaded with 80 different recipes and guidelines on how to make healthy and appetizing meals for weight loss.
4. A Healthy Detox in 10 Days: A detailed manual on how individuals can get the motivation to start their weight loss journey naturally and seek to live a healthier life.

About Body In Balance
Body in Balance has been initiated by Amy Goodrich, a licensed nutritionist, pharmacist, and a degree holder in biology, who wishes to promote fitness and help individuals lose weight naturally. The recently launched package by Body In Balance comes equipped with a series of charts and diagrams which aim to help people understand the basics of weight loss with ease. Moreover, the complete set of eBooks comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for those who still doubt the efficacy of the books. The line of eBooks can be ordered directly at More information about Body In Balance and Amy Goodrich can also be acquired at

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