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Body Weight Exercises to Build Muscle


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Fitness trainers and enthusiasts the world over have begun advocating the effectiveness of body-weight exercises. While these may seem trivial to seasoned weight-lifters, using the body to build or increase muscle mass is just as effective as using plates or barbells found in the gym.

While the bench press may seem like the staple exercise for boosting muscle mass in the chest, push-ups can be just as effective for strengthening the same area. In addition, push-ups require coordination from the shoulders, back and supporting abdominal muscles to perform the exercise correctly. Weight can be added by placing a plate across the back, or adding a resistance band across the shoulders. To target the core muscles of the abdominals, try alternating the exercise with barbell presses, or perform the action on an exercise ball to work stability.

To target the legs, body-weight squats are an effective tool, but they can be alternated with step-ups to target the quadriceps, and split squats to target the gluteal and hamstring muscles. As long as the exercise is performed correctly, these body-weight exercises are a perfect alternative to weighted squats.

Another effective tool for training the muscles are resistance training devices such as TRX equipment, gymnastic rings, and resistance bands. The body is required to use not only muscle mass to support and move through the exercises, but core stability and balance are also tested as the movements require total body support to be completed properly.

Body-weight exercises can be an effective training tool for those just starting a fitness regimen or experienced exercisers. Training can be done by a professional, or by watching examples of the exercise on fitness website or YouTube. Adding these weight training exercises to a routine will bring positive changes to the body, increasing stamina, muscle mass, and balance for overall wellness.

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