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Bodybuilding Expert the Source Check (TSC) Unveils New Website Upgrades to Public


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- The Source Check (TSC), one of the Internet’s premier bodybuilding and fitness communities, recently announced the launch of several new improvements to its website. In addition to adding new staff members and updated sources, The Source Check now hosts article-writing contests and provides access to a board-certified doctor and Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Optimization (TRT) Clinic.

To celebrate its upgrades, The Source Check is offering customers a discount on its Silver Membership packages. By using discount code “A08A3,” clients will only pay $2.99 for their first month of the Silver Membership subscription.

Like all of the other membership packages, the Silver Membership combination allows the user to have access to The Source Check’s extensive forum. The forum, which consists of both male and female athletes, is a knowledgeable community that aims to educate others about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. Some of the most popular sections of the site include AAS Discussion, Dr. Iron’s Blood Work Results Discussion, TSC Recipe Box, and Women’s Fitness and Bodybuilding. The Source Check’s forum prides itself on its unbiased nature, especially because it does not tolerate posts from people advertising on behalf of sponsors.

Although The Source Check contains public sections, the forum’s private threads hold the most active discussions. As an article on the site explains, “Paid membership areas include more detailed advice for the use of anabolic as well as steroid online sources.” For instance, the Steroid Question and Answer Section in the paid area has 14,663 threads and 181,268 posts, while the public AAS discussion area only contains 2,171 threads and 24,851 posts.

“In The Source Check’s forum, you can gain a wealth of knowledge from experienced athletes who know and use anabolic steroids the right way,” stated an article on the website’s main page. “We pride ourselves on being the first of our kind. We encourage you to join our family and become part of the solution to make the online AAS community a safe place.”

Individuals interested in learning more about The Source Check and its promotion can visit the company’s website for more information.

About The Source Check
In the short five years The Source Check (TSC) has been online, the website has created one of the most respected and solid online bodybuilding and fitness communities on the internet. With both professional and novice members, The Source Check boasts among the most knowledgeable members and staff of any community around. The Source check has become a go-to resource for advice concerning bodybuilding, fitness, diet, and anabolic steroids. For more information, http://thesourcecheck.com/forum/forum.php