Bodybuilding Forum Raising the Eyebrows of Some of the Sports Most Respected Names- Record Members in Last Six Months


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2011 -- As a result of the recent demand for in-depth advice for body builders, the Iron Den bodybuilding forum ( has been experiencing an exponential increase in members over the last six months.

According to recent study by Men’s Health magazine, interest in bodybuilding is increasing at an exponential rate. More and more people are hitting the internet to try to find useable information for their body building goals, but they quickly find that most websites are based around the end-goal of selling their readers a particular product. Even internet surfers who have no interest in fitness can see the huge wave of health and fitness advertising that exists on the market today, with pictures of grotesquely shredded body builders next to outrageous claims of results.

This recent influx of “barrage advertising” has created a dynamic of mistrust for people interested in body building. Contrary to selling the “latest” product, the flood of bodybuilding-related marketing has instead created a demand for access to real body builders who can offer their personal experience and advice.

The Iron Den bodybuilding forum was created to meet this recent demand head on. Boasting over 30,000 posts, it is a platform for body builders and fitness enthusiasts to talk about fitness, exercising, body building, and power lifting.

Like all forums, users share their knowledge, advice, and personal experiences with other users, but perhaps most notably, it has attracted a good deal of professional weight lifters who are more than happy to help out others with their body building goals. According to Joe Fitzgerald, advice from members of the Iron Den bodybuilding forum helped him gain a considerable amount of muscle over a 6 month period: “I found the Iron Den from a friend of mine who is a competitive weight lifter. He told me about the site and that night I became a member. Following advice from professionals on the site I was able to make huge gains with my body building goals. I’m 6’0, with 9 percent body fat and I packed on 11 pounds of muscle in a five and half month period. Anytime I had questions the members were more than willing to help me out. I would suggest the Iron Den to aspiring body builders, but also to anyone who is interested in maximizing their fitness.”

This sentiment seems to be shared by the majority of the bodybuilding community. The forum has earned a reputation among some of the sport’s most respectable names, and its members list is growing fast. To learn more about the Iron Den body building forum, or to speak to some of the most knowledgeable body builders in the country, visit: