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Bodygolf Fitness App Released for Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac and Android and Bodygolf Fitness Lite (Free Version) for Apple

Tailor made fitness program for golfers

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Staffordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Rainbow Media Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the Bodygolf Fitness App available in Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac and Android formats

Bodygolf Fitness is an App that allows the golfer to assess his own fitness through a series of in-­?app video tests and then provides a fitness program tailor made for that individual.

This exercise program enables a golfer to isolate the stretching exercises they need to enable them to achieve a free and unrestricted golf swing. It also provides a universal strengthening program specifically designed to focus on the needs for a powerful golf swing, helping golfers hit the ball further and straighter.

The creator of Bodygolf Fitness, Mr. Steven Harris, said, “This program is designed for the busy person who does not have time to go to the gym for hours each week. In fact the only equipment needed is a resistance band. It can be done at home and focuses on each individuals needs, therefore, not wasting time doing exercises you do not need to do”

Paul Broadhurst, the European former Ryder Cup player who started using Bodygolf Fitness during its development and rose from 330 in the world to the world top 50 within a year of starting the Bodygolf exercises said, “ Bodygolf Fitness made me realise that a golfers body is the most important equipment he or she has, and if it is restricting the swing, as it was in my case, it will limit potential.”

Bodygolf Fitness is available worldwide on the Apple Store for the iPad, iPhone/Mac and Android store and there is a free version called Bodygolf Fitness Lite available in the Apple App store.

Please visit www.bodygolffitness.com for more product and company information or search for

Bodygolf Fitness in the app store.

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