Bodyshapers Fitness, Inc

Bodyshapers Fitness Inc Website Launches Promoting Popular Tampa Florida Gym and Trainers is the new website for a Tampa Florida gym and its trainers to promote their work and services online, offering advice, guidance, promotions and more.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Arnold Schwarzenegger once described body builders as sculptors who simply used muscle and bone instead of marble or clay. This idea of sculpting the body has captured the popular consciousness in the twenty first century, especially as the obesity epidemic has caused many people to fear for their health. The only possible way to sculpt a body is with expert knowledge and equipment, and that expertise and resources can be found at Bodyshapers Fitness, Inc. in Tampa Florida. The company has just launched their website to promote their services and share their fitness and wellness insights with the world.

The website features information on the gym itself, the services they offer and their unique approach to helping people achieve fitness goals, as well as testimonials from their clients attesting to the successes Bodyshapers have helped them to achieve.

The website also has detailed information for more general use and inspiration, including information on how to choose a trainer and a blog featuring editorials on nutrition, new equipment, fitness startegies and how to prevent and deal with injuries. The site promises to be regularly updated and also provides direct access to the gym’s services.

A spokesperson for Bodyshapers Fitness Inc explained, “We are thrilled to have finally launched our website, which we feel will help us further establish ourselves in the local market as more people can now find out who we are and how we do things without even having to leave the house. The site provides all the information people need to get started and over time will come to support them as much when they are outside of the gym as our trainers do when they’re inside. We look forward to seeing how visitors receive the launch and look forward to meeting them when they decide to work with us to achieve their goals.”

About Bodyshapers Fitness Inc
Rafael Justo started Bodyshapers Personal Training Gym in Tampa in 2007. His strength programs are designed to enable clients to not only lose those unwanted pounds and gain muscle tone, but improve overall health and decrease stress levels. The gym also helps people shift their perspectives and attitudes to enable them to succeed in their fitness and life goals. For more information please visit: