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Boil Help Announces Launch of Newly Revamped and Reorganized Website

Web's leading source of boil-related information has just undergone a transformation that will make it even more helpful and useful for visitors, Boil Help reports


Hampton, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Boil Help, an online resource for those seeking information regarding boils, announced that the company has released a newly overhauled and reorganized version of its website. Working with one of the top web design firms in the country, Boil Help remodeled its previous website in ways that are designed to help visitors find the information and help they are seeking even more quickly than previously. The newly redesigned site is available immediately at and contains one of the Internet's broadest and deepest collections of boil-related information.

"With steady streams of visitors coming to us every day to find out how to treat their boils," company representative Rebecca Jonas said, "we wanted to make sure that we were serving them as effectively as possible. We took what we have learned over the years and used those lessons to create a brand-new website that is going to be even more helpful than before." Typically manifesting as inflamed, red bumps on various areas of the body, boils are the result of the infection of subcutaneous tissues by any of a number of strains of bacteria. Most people will develop one or more boils over the courses of their lives, but some people develop them chronically.

For those who do suffer from them frequently, boils can become a difficult problem to deal with, as many treatments are inconvenient, uncomfortable or expensive. In addition to providing in-depth articles covering the causes of boils and ways to effectively prevent them, Boil Help includes an extensive collection of guides detailing and analyzing the best-known and most pragmatic treatments. Each of these many treatments has its own advantages and downsides, but some stand out as being the most worthwhile in general. By serving as the single most extensive source of boil-related information on the Internet, Boil Help has enabled countless people to take charge of their boil problems in productive, effective ways.

"Our newly redesigned site is going to be an incredible resource for people suffering from boils," Jonas continued, "because all of the great information that we have become known for is now more accessible than ever." The newly revamped site makes it even easier than previously for visitors to focus on boil-related subjects of greatest interest to them, allowing for common questions like "are my boils contagious?" and "why do I keep getting boils on my butt?" to be answered more quickly and specifically. The newly unveiled website redesign project draws from extensive surveys of the site's visitors that were conducted over the course of the past year, as well as in-depth web traffic analysis and the expert services of a top web design firm.

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