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Boise Woman's Radical Health Recovery Using Personalized Health Software


Marina Del Rey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Today, Boise resident Diana Anderson spoke out about the role of ph360 in her recovery from multiple health problems she experienced over the course of three years. Using the online personalized software app found at, Anderson discovered an intolerance to altitude was at the root of much of her suffering. Anderson, a writer and Idaho resident for the past 40 years, experienced symptoms ranging from headaches to skin problems since moving from Boise to Ketchum in September 2011.

Anderson said, "I moved with rose-colored visions of hiking and skiing in the pristine Idaho mountains, and a plan to start my own business in a quaint mountain town. Yet soon after my arrival I started to experience a wide range of health symptoms that took over almost every waking moment. I had severe headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, foggy brain, weak muscles, skin breakouts, joint pain, sinus problems, shingles, and was frequently ill—and my conditions worsened over the next two years."

Anderson's multiple visits to doctors and naturopaths didn't lend any clues as to why she suffered so many symptoms. Upon recommendation from a friend that she try an online health assessment program, Anderson tried The program suggested that Anderson's body would not tolerate altitude and cold weather well, and recommended that she live at a low altitude in a hot, dry climate.

According to Anderson, "I felt like I finally knew the cause of my distress. The online program assessed my health based on my body measurements, a science known as anthropometry, and several other factors which use the science of epigenetics and endocrinology. Within three days of receiving the information, I moved back to Boise. Nearly all of my symptoms disappeared within a week and all were gone within two weeks. I had my life back!"

The program made other significant suggestions for Anderson's health, one of which improved her long-standing skin problems. "Little did I know that I was eating too many green leafy vegetables, which my skin didn't tolerate well," said Anderson. Following the program's suggested diet, Anderson claims that her problematic Rosacea is now gone. She is also following the suggested exercise for her body and making changes to her career path. This Idaho resident is now thriving only one month after feel deeply ill and discouraged.

"I saw my doctor after making these changes in my life, and he confirmed my unusual intolerance to altitude exposure and diagnosed many of my symptoms as related to altitude intolerance. However, he could not explain how the online health program I used was able to determine so many things about my health so accurately," said Anderson.

ph360 CEO Matt Riemann was thrilled to hear of Anderson's success, adding, "We're excited to be a part of Diana's recovery and an ongoing component of her daily life. ph360's scientist- and physician-developed algorithm has the power to deliver surprising personalized health solutions like this to absolutely everyone."

For more information about how ph360 can address even the most stubborn health challenges, see Media interviews with Diana Anderson and personalized health expert Matt Riemann available upon request.

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