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Bold & Hard-Hitting Books from Anthony Paul Warn of 'Coming Contact' from Extra-Terrestrials

‘Unbelievable Power: Avoiding Disaster’ and ‘What’s Our Next Step’ fuse fact with fiction to prove that, in the future, contact with visitors from other worlds will be commonplace. With one book exploring this concept and another examining the Big Bang Theory vs Spiritual Creation, Anthony Paul leaves readers with plenty to think about.


Tumwater, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- While contact with outside worlds has long been a fantasy in literature and the movies, former pilot and author Anthony Paul has some bold words of advice; extra-terrestrial contact is coming and will soon be commonplace.

This argument, along with a myriad of other thought-provoking topics, is explored in Paul’s two new and compelling books. Laden with fact backed up by science, each work will have readers re-examining their own lives and all they believe in.


‘Unbelievable Power: Avoiding Disaster’ – “There are a lot of things going on in our world that our leaders are aware of but they don't want to share with the rest of us. The first book "What's Our Next Step" and this one "Unbelievable Power" is a start bring it to the publics attention that CONTACT is right around the corner. What would you do if you heard on the news that the earth has been contacted by an Alien life form, and they are on their way? I know its hard, and even impossible for some people to accept. It doesn't make any difference what you believe "The time is coming. It's been said that extraterrestrials have been living here and visiting our earth for thousands of years, and now in a short amount of time they will make public contact, and everybody will know. Our Earth is a melting pot for many alien life forms that have been living here in peace for many years. There are several alien civilizations living here that most of us don't know about, or even want to. Next time you are in a big city just stand on the corner of a busy intersection for a while, and just look at all the life forms walking around and consider where their origins came from. If they all developed here on earth like some people say, we would all look pretty much the same, but we don't. What does that tell you?”

‘What’s Our Next Step’ – “This book is based on factual evidence built into a story to tie everything together. Almost all experiences are based on factual evidence that can be backed up by science fact. Contact with visitors from other worlds will become common knowledge in a few years if not sooner.”

“It’s vital that people are aware of this coming contact,” says Paul, who experienced many unexplained encounters during this long military and civilian flying career. “I also want the public-at-large to know that several life forms have been living here for thousands of years without any interference. We’re more connected with other worlds than we care to admit.”

Continuing, “These books contain the facts. The bottom line is that we should no longer be wondering whether or not UFOs are real – but rather if people know of their existence. My books shed vital light on this bold topic of conversation and will almost certainly help anyone form an opinion.”
Both books are available now:

‘Unbelievable Power: Avoiding Disaster’ - http://amzn.to/1hBuPVF

‘What’s Our Next Step’ - http://amzn.to/1eF9OEL

About Anthony Paul
Anthony Paul has spent the last seventeen years collecting information and facts about where we came from and our reason for being here. He makes an effort to understand the difference in our universe and the Big Bang theory vs. Spiritual Creation. Our Earth and the Universe we live in is a living life form that relies on the Spiritual Creational Energy generated by all life forms for its existence.

He received his pilots license in 1966 and has flown in the military and worked for a commercial airline. He has witnessed things in the air on the ground and under it for that matter, that can't be explained. Facts are sometimes a little hard to understand so he decided to use the facts and his experiences, then put it in novel form to make it as interesting as possible, but still touching on, and being inspired by factual evidence.