Bold Scientists Look to Complete the Behavior Oriented Trading Robot Software with Funding Support from Indiegogo

It is time for individual investors to get the tools used by large Hedge Funds. Forget about "technical analysis" and enter the world of Quant Trading.


Manuel Delaflor, Sheffield -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- So far, traders have been trading in the markets with obsolete tools. Entire encyclopedias have been written about "technical analysis" and "fundamental analysis". Hundreds of thousands have been thinking that they were competing with the big guys, only to realize, after huge loses, that "something" was missing.

The big firms have realized, since a long time ago, that well designed algorithms are faster and more efficient than humans when making decisions about the market. Pure and simple. That's why they rely on them to make billions. Currently more than 70% of the operations in the markets are performed by algorithms.

This is also why this team of developers have been taking a different approach to the markets, they are not economists, and that is a good thing. Big Hedge Funds and other financial firms are not trading based on obsolete techniques like "technical analysis" or "fundamental analysis". They hire scientists, physicists and mathematicians who work exclusively designing algorithms to determine when to enter and get out of the markets. Their success is based on the use of science and technology and, so far, the only way to obtain those kinds of tools was to invest your money hiring their services, which of course, are expensive.

The people behind this project want to change that. They are developing the same set of tools Hedge Funds use and will give them to anyone interested in playing a different game.

BOTR (Behavior Oriented Trading Robot) is the natural and necessary next step for individual investors. BOTR is a fantastic technology that will be created using Matlab, the market algorithms have been designed using Tradestation and written in Easylanguage, the programming language that comes with Tradestation. The semantic Algorithms will be able to search the main Social Portals and the leading news websites. The team is using cutting edge research done all over the world with regards to the most advanced techniques currently available to make them run efficiently and accurately.

The funding will be used to complete the software. If this funding goal is surpassed, they will add even more exciting features to the Trading Robot.

This campaign will only receive funds if at least$25,000USD is raised by its deadline. Funding duration: January 16, 2014 - February 15, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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