BoldLeads Adds Two-Way Texting Feature to Its Real Estate Lead Generation Platform


Chandler, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2017 -- The real estate industry is highly competitive. Timely communication is critical for lead conversion. BoldLeads, a real estate marketing company, offers a unique platform to real estate professionals to allow them to generate qualified leads. BoldLeads has added a new feature to its robust platform that allows two-way texting.

BoldLeads now allows for text conversations with an account. This new feature allows for even more options than just regular texting. Search, filter and sort functions allow the user to manage communications. A full display of replies, conversations and history are also provided. Templates and emojis are available to create custom responses. These features save professionals time and keep them up-to-date of the stage of the prospect.

When a text is received, quickly reference the lead's BoldLeads profile to provide context. Texts are sent from a local number to boost connection rates. Users can see the messages sent from a BoldLeads account on their cell phone, just as if they were sent from the phone. The same information is provided within the account. Conversations are then posted on the lead's profile. Start a new conversation with a lead at any time.

This new capability is in addition to current texting features already available, including adding a text to a Funnel and scheduling mass marketing text messages.

Company Information

About BoldLeads
BoldLeads was founded in 2014 by Christine Crane and Danny Loschiavo. Christine was a successful real estate agent, but lead generation by traditional means just wasn't working. Christine realized lead generation in real estate was broken. Christine took the problem to her son, a marketing whiz. Danny took his mom's frustration as fuel and developed a platform to connect real estate agents with homeowners looking to sell and buyers looking to purchase a home. The platform also answered the challenges around the follow-up process by automating it. Danny's system delivered great results for Christine so they decided to share their solution. Since its inception, the business has gained thousands of satisfied clients and 45 new employees. BoldLeads offers an intuitive tool to maximize resources and produce and convert leads in the shortest amount of time.

Christine Crane, CEO
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