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Bollywood Actor Mahesh Sukumar Reveals Production Information About "Transport Planner"


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- India’s movie production industry, known as “Bollywood”, produces thousands of movies every year. Bollywood films are most famous for their tightly choreographed song and dance routines, but Bollywood isn’t just limited to musicals. Indian motion picture studios produce a whole range of comedies, dramas, action movies, and other types of films.

Mahesh Sukumar is currenlly starring in a Bollywood movie “Transport Planner”, which is currently being filmed in California’s beautiful Sonora area.

“Transport Planner” is about a man who feels he was robbed of his destiny as a child. He believes that, had it not been for certain childhood events, he would have become something more than a humble transport planner. He feels like the only way to right this wrong is to go to California and become a huge Hollywood megastar, and he will stop at nothing to get there.

The film stars the talented Bollywood actor Mahesh Sukumar. In addition to his acting career, Mr. Sukumar is well known for his charity work. He is a supporter of the Salvation Army, and is a blood donation activist. These are just two of the many worthy causes he supports.

A spokesperson commented: “Mahesh Sukumar was the obvious choice to play the titular role in “Transport Planner”, not just because of his excellent acting skills but because he was actually once involved in transport planning activities himself before he became an actor. There is no one more suitable for this job than Mahesh Sukumar. Transport Planner has had to overcome several challenges in the course of production. Budget cuts derailed filming last year. However, the necessary funds are now in place to continue production, and many scenes from the first round of principal photography look set to make the final cut. There now looks to be nothing to stop the movie going public from seeing Mahesh Sukumar, Transport Planner. California, despite being where the movie is set, is unlikely to be the first place it is released. As it is a Bollywood film the primary audience will be in the Indian subcontinent.”

About Mahesh Sukumar
Mahesh Sukumar is a Bollywood actor who is involved in extensive charity work. He is currently starring in a new film Transport Planner in Sonora, California.

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