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Korth Launches New Mid Grade 33 Bond Portfolio With 7.00% Target Yield


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- “In today’s risky markets, investors need highly diversified account management programs with reasonably predictable results that they can clearly understand. Unlike a mutual fund where you really do not know what you own our portfolios are made up of individual securities owned directly by each client” according to James Korth, Managing Partner of J W Korth & Company.

61 year old James Korth founded J W Korth & Company in 1982 and has managed the distribution of bonds for many major companies and began applying his firm’s expertise in bond selection to managing individual accounts in 2004.

“Our theme is Earn Income Relax and Retire. For peace of mind and income to cover living expenses, people need a diverse portfolio of bonds with a low expected default rate and reasonably high income,” says James Korth. “Yields of higher than 7.00% are available on taxable bonds in the BB to BBB area. Our Mid Grade 33 Bond Portfolio Account provides this through our careful selection and management while currently targeting 7.00% Yield to Maturity for purchases, with no position more than 3.00% of the portfolio, giving broad credit diversification.”

J W Korth believes their management plan provides substantial diversity, and resultantly, the risk of any single bond issues performance is minimized in overall results. They use a target yield for each purchase that is agreed upon with their customers. The actual yields on the portfolio will vary based on the performance of each individual security.

James Korth says “most bonds pay the yield to maturity that is stated at the time of purchase if held to maturity, but we also may sell bonds at a principal profit or loss based on our opinion of each individual credit at a specific time. Also there are moderate management fees. Consequently actual results vary somewhat from the target yield and some bonds in any portfolio may not perform up to expectations.”

In the past few years, investment firms have made actively managed accounts an increasingly large part of their businesses. Major firms generally host a list of money managers whose focus is related to a specific investment area like commodities or stocks or bonds, to whom they outsource the investing management function.

According to David Panettiere, Director of Investment Management at Korth, “At most investment firms, you can only talk to your broker who acts as a relationship manager. Unless you have very substantial wealth, you never get a chance to work with the people who are actually choosing securities for you. This level of personal service and expertise in bonds, combined with the concrete plan with predictable results that Korth offers, cannot be found elsewhere. Also, Korth works with clients to customize portfolios designed for their specific maturities, credit levels, tax objectives and international components.”

About J W Korth & Company
J W Korth & Company was founded in 1982 and has represented the fixed income needs many major corporations and the United States Government. Korth serves both institutional and high net worth retail investors through its broad reach and deep knowledge of the fixed income markets. Its primary expertise has always involved managing underwritings and dealing as a principal in all types of bonds. The firm is a Broker Dealer, Financial Advisor and a member of FINRA, SIPC and the MSRB. Korth has offices in Miami, Orlando, and Lansing, Michigan and custodies and clears through RBC Capital Markets, Inc.

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