Bondcredit Advertizes Online Bond Origination Services


Link Hills, KwaZulu-Natal -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Bondcredit is a South African company that offers customers bond origination services online. The company processes at least 30,000 home loan applications for its customers every month and assists people to realize their dream homes. Applications to all leading banks are submitted by the company on the customer’s behalf to acquire bonds.

The company website reads “we understand your needs”. It also goes on to add that its expert staff will help customers structure and acquire the best loans available. Applications for home loans through the company are processed online and completely free from paperwork. Online applications relieve customers of filling in multiple forms to avail a home loan.

Applicants are required to fill out the bond origination form found in the company’s official website to get started. The company will further consider the application and apply to all main banks on behalf of customers to get the home loan processed. All major banks in the country are allies with this company, and the company makes sure that its customers get the best deals available in the industry.

The bond originator service of the company will help customers apply for a bond with ease. The company is one in the industry which has the highest number of approval rates. The service of the company stands to the advantage of the customers as the customers are not required to shell-out from their pockets to avail the service of the company. The banks in the country pay the company if the home loan application gets approved.

The website of the company provides tips for bond application and management, bond origination details, latest inputs on bond rates, tips on legal property, credit score tips, home loans etc. The company proves its mettle through its services as one of the leading bond originator of the country. To know more reach their official website at

About Bondcredit
A leading bond originator company in South Africa, Bondcredit offers its meticulous services to customers by fetching the best deals in home loans. The company has dealings with a number of leading banks in the country, and this helps customers get the right deals and offers.
Acquiring highest approval rates in the industry, the company offers complete online bond origination services to its customers, thus relieving them from tons of paperwork. The company website also provides customers information regarding various trends in the industry.

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