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The company works as a consultant to top banks and finds the best loan deals online.


Link Hills, KwaZulu-Natal -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- is a reputed bond originator company offering online home loan services to specific client groups. The company started its operations in South Africa and is considered to be having the highest approval rates in the industry. The company guarantees a fast, reliable and secure home loan services for all client groups.

Customers who have a bad credit history need to go through a detailed loan application process if they go for direct loan application process via banks. In such cases, acts as a unique intermediary to find better loan deals even without affecting the credit history as such. as a company partners with some of the top banking financial institutions in South Africa for availing home loan services. The company actively negotiates with these banks to provide the best interest rate for the specific kind of bond deals opted by clients. The company owner says, “ shares a good rapport with these banks which helps them to negotiate for the most attractive loan deals for specific clients”.

The company takes up more than 3,000 loan applications per month. “Customers can freely apply for a bond online and the company gets service payment directly from banks once the loan proposal gets approved fully” states the company owner. A hassle free loan application involving lesser paperwork without any multiple application procedures is followed by company.

The company provides the right kind of professional service by acting as consultants and assists in building the correct structure and secure loan depending on the specific needs of clients. As part of the loan application process, it is necessary to fill in the online application form specifying correct details like name, email id, phone number and credit details to be submitted online. The company website publishes specific review articles relating to standard home loans and other tips to be considered while applying for a bond or loan online. The website also features useful links enabling clients to access bank web pages and other conditions relating to the loan proposals. To get more specific information on online bond deals and other services, visit

About is a company which offers bond originator service via online. Located in South Africa, the company acts on behalf of clients and associates with top banks to negotiate and find the best and affordable loan deals. The company holds the reputation of considering more than 3, 000 loan applications every month.

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