Joe Bragg Aims to Be the Internet's Best Source of Bonsai Tree Care Guides, Tips, and Tricks


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Bonsai trees are a popular way to enhance the appearance of any home. But many people refuse to buy a bonsai tree because they perceive the tree as being complicated and time-consuming to care for. This is a notion that one website seeks to change.

That website is, a site dedicated to showing bonsai tree owners how to properly care for their tree. At, visitors will find a wide range of guides, tips, and tricks for bonsai tree owners. These guides cover a wide range of topics, including everything from tips for complete newbies to advanced editorial content about intricately shaping a bonsai tree.

At the homepage of, visitors will find a simple guide for watering a bonsai tree in order to achieve maximum growth and a healthy longevity. The page also reveals how to choose the best soil for a bonsai tree as well as guides to re-potting, avoiding pests and diseases, choosing the right fertilizer, and more.

In fact, as a spokesperson for explains, the site has so much information that it aims to be the number one bonsai information site on the internet:

“Our bonsai care information is aggregated from sources all over the internet and from our own experience. The goal of the site is to limit the amount of information our visitors have to research on their own. Instead of visiting dozens of different websites trying to find the answer to a simple question, our site allows visitors to find any bonsai answers as quickly as possible.”

Although bonsais are perceived as being difficult and time-consuming to care for, the website explains that bonsai trees aren’t very much different from other plants in terms of their needs. Just like any plant, bonsai trees need to be watered and fed with nutrients while maintaining a comfortable year-round temperature.

And of course, the reward for all of this bonsai care work is that homeowners get to experience a number of beautiful bonsai shapes. Sometimes, bonsai owners are happy to leave their tree in a normal tree pose, while others want to shape, bend, and twist their trees in a number of different ways:

“Obviously, a unique shape is one of the most interesting qualities of a bonsai tree, and we show our visitors exactly how to achieve whatever shape they might want. Whether highlighting a certain part of the home or simply looking to bring out the beauty of a certain interior design, our shaping guides are a popular way to maximize the beauty of any bonsai tree.”

Those ready to learn more about properly caring for their bonsai tree can visit to learn more about all aspects of bonsai tree care.

About is a Bonsai tree information website that aims to make caring for a bonsai tree as easy as possible. The website features tips and tricks for complete bonsai beginners as well as guides that will appeal to more experienced bonsai tree owners. For more information, please visit: