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Bonza Brats Excited About Upcoming New Products on Its Website

Bonza Brats will be adding new items in its fashion line, set to dress up kids in warmer outfits for the winter season.


Mosman, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Nothing beats buying products from a provider that has the ability to carry several lines that can go anywhere from affordable to expensive. This allows shoppers the freedom to choose according to their budgets. Mums and dads are willing to go the extra mile to buy the best stuff they could afford for their kids. This is why people at Bonza Brats are always on their toes when it comes to choosing items for their website. They understand that parents love their kids more than a prized diamond and in the coming days, parents will be seeing new additions in their fashion line.

Currently, the store carries several items for girls, boys, babies, gift items and accessories for parents. When it comes to style, one will always have the option to choose from products that represent a particular image. Want to have your child in popular K-pop fashion? Bonza Brats has you covered with boy pants available in fiery red. Have a chic small girl at home? Baby collar dresses in different colours will make your little girl look like a classy little lady. As for the babies, there are different rompers that can be bought in fun, unique prints.

So what is expected to be seen in their new products? One of the executives at Bonza Brats says that they will still be sticking to the usual value-for-money items. Of course, durable items should also be able to keep up with fashion trends. And since it’s winter in the country, Bonza Brats’ priority right now is keeping kids cosy during the colder days. There will be more winter jackets, warm socks, mittens and scarves. Bonza Brats markets itself with the tag line, “Fun Gear for Fun Kids.” And where there is fun, colour is a natural element that will make these products livelier.

Holly Easterby, fashion expert at Bonza Brats, looks like she is more excited than their website visitors. When asked why, “As you can see, we treat the items we have as more than just what they are. I see a headband, a dress or some cute pants and imagine how these will make some child happy. Some would easily dismiss this as a business transaction. I call this a life-changer. A dress is just a dress until worn by someone. You see, clothes and other fashion accessories could represent how you feel as a person. With our new clothing lines soon to be out in the market, we are looking into shaping kids into the person that they really want to be through fashion.”

About Bonza Brats™
Bonza Brats™ is a leading fashion retailer based in Australia that specialises in stylish kiddie items. It carries an assortment of luxury labels but also offers more affordable products for the budget-conscious parents. For inquiries, simply email Holly Easterby at or get updates from their official Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.