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Bonzoi – An Online Multi-Author Collaboration Platform providing self-publishing tools, real time & simultaneous collaboration, comic book creation, creative writing platform, story generation services to Authors worldwide in the Cloud.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- What writing platform can I use for Writing a Novel or Creating a Scrapbook? If you are looking on how to self publish books or your original content in a whole new way, then go to

Multi Author Collaboration: The perfection of writing comes from writing an essay where the writer explores his ideas on a single topic. It involves writing about the topic including its introduction, summary, content, demerits and much more. Bonzoi is a foundation for building a reputable connection with Authors and your future publishers. Get to know and Multi Author Collaboration like never before.

Multi-Touch User Interface: This is one of the initial ways of involving into the thought process of writing. It is not as simple as Creating a Scrapbook, but Bonzoi it is one of the most interesting platforms as it involves the combination of fiction and grammatical writing making your writing process just as fun as Creating a Scrapbook. With the user-friendly interface, your content is now available to the world in a whole new way!

Create Scrapbooks or Comic Books: To write a book, you definitely need a chalk full of imaginations inside your brain because novel is the biggest process of writing a book as it can even take a year to finish. It involves a lot of research over the minute to big topics discussed inside the various chapters. However, Writing a Novel is one of the best genres of writing as it can get great exposure from the publishers apart from the other forms of book writing.

Self Publish Original Content: Writing is a process that can never be forgotten once properly harnessed. It is a natural flow of feelings and words. With the help of, you can draft a poem then you can consider yourself as a gem as very few people can do that! It is again having a good scope in the literary world. If you write a book related to poems then you must get good book publishing platforms online to work with and collaborate with your content on, getting you maximum exposure!

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