Book Author Announces Availability of Pregnancy Miracle Book


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Good News for women experiencing infertility problems. Book author Lisa Olson announces the sale of her Pregnancy Miracle book. This eBook is the answer to the many prayers offered by women who encounter difficulties in getting pregnant.

Lisa Olson knows personally that infertility is one of the most heart breaking issues the many couples are still facing today. There are many methods offered by science and alternative medicine to solve this problem, but this condition still plagues many husbands and wives all over the country. This book may just be the solution that they are praying for.

Infertile couples will find the Pregnancy Miracle eBook very helpful. The contents of this eBook show them how they can solve this problem effectively. There are 5 chapters in this book that are very useful to husbands and wives.

Chapter one deals with the human anatomy, both male and female, and its role in infertility issues.

Chapter two discusses the eastern world view about infertility, as well as the numerous myths and misconceptions about the subject.

Chapter three deals about the steps a couple needs to take to achieve pregnancy using natural methods.

Chapter four discusses some of the unique circumstances that may lead to difficulties in getting pregnant.

Chapter five deals with the emotions involved when a couple tries to get pregnant and how they could deal with them.

By Lisa Olson

About Pregnancy Miracle eBook
This is an eBook that offers information about the holistic and natural way of getting pregnant. It is intended for women and couples who are experiencing difficulties in getting pregnant. This eBook is sold through Clickbank Network.

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