Book of Mormon 'Maps' App Makes Understanding Simple and Easy

Interactive And Animated 'Maps' App Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- 'Book Of Mormon Maps', a Chicago based company, today announced details of their new 'maps' App which will make understanding the world of the Book of Mormon simple and easy. Speaking on the occasion, Jed McClure, creator of the 'Lands of the Book of Mormon' App said, "I am extremely excited to announce that we are developing a new App that will dramatically reduce confusion among Book of Mormon students by providing highly detailed, easily followed and fully interactive maps and images of the Book of Mormon lands and people."

The App includes a fully animated and interactive map of the Book of Mormon, beginning with Lehi's landing in the Promised Land and culminating with the Resurrection of the Savior. The continuous animation depicts the migrations, wars and missionary routes of the Nephite and Lamanite people. In addition, each city features an interactive and individually tailored interface detailing an extensive history of that location. The App also includes original artwork that provides a new and 'authentic' vision of the Book of Mormon people.

McClure said, "The 'Lands of the Book of Mormon' App solves many of the problems associated with traditional Book of Mormon maps by providing a map that is constantly evolving as the Book of Mormon narrative dictates the story. In this animated version, you will see how Lamanite attacks continually altered and shaped Nephite territories through forced migration and military strategy. As a result, the maps from one time period to the next could be substantially different."

'Book Of Mormon Maps' has launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the development of the App and hopes to have the App fully completed and available to the public by mid-August 2013. The company is offering a few tangible rewards, exciting incentives and one of a kind Kickstarter experiences (including a unique chance to be featured as a character in an original art rendering commissioned exclusively for this project) for those offering a helping hand by providing backing for the project.

About ‘Book Of Mormon Maps’
'Book of Mormon Maps' is a Chicago based company that started operations in early 2013. It is dedicated to the development of new and innovative ways of understanding the Book of Mormon and other 'Mormon' related histories. Based on the successful release of the 'Lands of the Book of Mormon' App, the company has plans for several more projects including the 'Desolation of the Nephites,' 'The Jaredite Empire' and several interactive maps of Nauvoo, Kirtland, Palmyra and the trek west. For more information visit their website at

Contact Information
Contact Person: Jed McClure
Contact Number: 262-696-9847
Twitter: @mormonmaps