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Book Press Release for Overcome Fears and Phobias by Shaan White


Rehoboth, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Shaan White ( recently announced the release of "Overcome Fears And Phobias" a book created with the view to provide a resource for people who suffer from either fear, or debilitating phobia.

It includes sample hypnosis scripts that were used with the author's own private clientele that pay around £500.00 for a 4 week session. The author walks the reader through sample scripts to deal with Social Anxiety, Fear of Spiders, as well as how to get over mental turmoil which is really priceless. Each time this book has gone on free promo, it has reached number 1 in one country or the other. The author emphatically agrees that this is the best book out there on the topic of fear and phobia.

"I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist trained by Adam Eason one of the UK's top hypnotherapists. In my younger years I suffered badly from being bullied, which made me very nervous around people. After studying self -help since 2000, I wanted to know how to stop being bullied and how to get over my social anxiety. I found traditional routes such as counseling made the situation worse, because all you did was talk about the issue.

In 2006 I spent just over $1200 to attend a self-help seminar in Houston run by the world famous Release Technique. It was there that my life changed, and I finally unlocked the secrets to mastering my life instead of always being mastered by life. I felt happier and more at peace than I ever felt, and since that day I've wanted to help and support others who have experienced bullying, and help others to breakthrough their fears, phobias and anxieties.

After working in my local jobcentre, I would often tell clients that I was thinking of starting a hypnotherapy practice. Many clients tell me that I'm the best therapist they have ever seen, and are really grateful for my help and advice. I also offer a fairly inexpensive consultation through Greatvine, where you can access support and advice with whatever issue is bothering you. I have a very large twitter following and mobile app following (breakthrough the fear).

I continue to enjoy writing books and have 2 new books coming shortly in the diet and weight loss niche," says author Shaan White.

Whereas the book can't offer any guarantees it does walk you through step by step why you have fear, what a fear is, what a phobias is, why motivating yourself with fear is the absolute worst thing you can do and of course you get my ten tips to overcome your fear or phobia. These ten tips cost me well over £10,000 of my own money and years of wanting to understand and find a way to breakthrough my own fears and phobias. I've attended online courses, seminars and many other course to help find the answers. I've endured years of struggling and suffering to desperately find a way out of my own fears and phobias. This whole book is easy to understand and short, which means you get all the juicy information in one place quickly and easily.

This book serves as a great help to fear suffers worldwide. For that reason "Overcome Fears And Phobias" will be appreciated consumers everywhere.

For more information on "Overcome Fears And Phobias", visit , and for more information about the author, go to

Colin Scott
Speedy Publishing
Rehoboth, DE