Book Release: A Fantasy of the Mind - Erotica Literature Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Fantasy of the Mind is an explicit short story, written solely for women and their own carnal desires.


Lake Stevens, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Desiree Wanton, the author of Fantasy of the Mind writes in a way that stirs the fires of passion. The reasoning in behind her entering the field of erotica is a logical one. While she has always enjoyed the love of writing, the genre for erotica is growing by leaps and bounds, and with her own creativity in mind, she has aspired to grow and develop in this niche, wooing those who read her works.

Erotica literature is expected to double in size within the next few years alone, so for many writers, this is a great opportunity, if they have that ability to win their readers over. Desiree Wanton does have that ability to arouse the senses and lure her readers into her stories. While she is new in the genre, she touches on those things which many other writers fail to talk about. The idea of our deepest, most fanatical fantasies. A fantasy can actually move the reader more so than anything else. Most women harbor fantasies that they simply don’t divulge, and here, in this story you can allow your mind to wander freely and without persecution.

The idea of the swinger lifestyle or even two women making love with one another is not a new one in this field, but Desiree takes it to the next level. When the wife in this story acknowledges her secret fantasy to her husband she is surprised to find him amicable to it. The pleasures only build from here, leaving the reader in suspense and questioning who this other woman is that enters that bedroom scene. This is what makes the story so good, as if and when a new chapter emerges, the enticement will already be there for readers to pick up the next chapter.

Available only online, and coming in at a remarkable price, with the first few days free, this is a deal for any fan of this genre. It will not disappoint and you will end feeling hot and bothered, ready to find out what is going to happen next.

About Desiree Wanton
Desiree Wanton has been writing romantic novels in her free time for quite awhile. It has only been recently that she has emerged on the digital scene. After studying and gaining a degree in English and Creative Fiction, she decided to build up her own reputation through word of mouth, beginning small, and now hoping to expand. She is a wife and a mother, excited about the possibility to earn a living doing exactly what she has always loved to do, write.