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Book Release - Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War - The ULTIMATE Homage to 80's Action Movies!

Heavy Weapon will blow you away with explosions, machine guns, muscles, one-liners, and more 80's action movie nods than you can shake a grenade at!!


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Author David Desjardin brings us the graphic novel that action fans all over the world have been waiting years for, bringing back the excitement of all the 80s action films into one single book. Heavy Weapon is the only book that rolls all the great action of 80s films into one, including Rambo, Commando, Deadly Prey, The Delta Force, and so many more. It’s by no accident that Heavy Weapon feels like an 80’s action movie – because it was born of them. Heavy Weapon may be a graphic novel, but at its heart, it is the sequel to every action movie ever made...

Heavy Weapon is the ULTIMATE homage to 80's action movies... What exactly does that mean?? It means you can expect Heavy Weapon to provide you with all of the essentials: machine guns, muscles, action, one-liners and of course explosions! But beyond that, you'll find a compelling story, likeable characters and more 80's movie nods than you can find in a stack of sun-faded VHS tapes! Once you pick up this book, you won’t be able to put it down as the words fly off the pages like the bullets flying through the air!

He wasn't being recruited; he was being UNLEASHED!

Heavy Weapon tells the story of Vietnam veteran John Magnum, who left the elite Special Forces because he was filled with guilt after the tragic loss of his entire battalion while under his command. Magnum just wanted a quiet life and to be left alone. But now, 10 years later, his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Deckard, has come knocking. Col. Deckard has tracked Magnum down to inform him that a small group of POWs - captured during the war - have been found, and are being used as slave labor for a drug cartel in Costa Rica, and he wants Magnum to provide his skills to help him free the them, but Magnum refuses. It’s not his battle anymore.

Only days later, Magnum is approached by his old friend SGT Alonzo Richter, the only survivor of Magnum's lost battalion. Richter presents Magnum with a surprising video tape revealing that Deckard and his crew have been captured, and are being tortured then killed one-by-one at the hands of a ruthless drug lord. Before the tape ends, Colonel Deckard makes a plea for help from Magnum. He knows he can't let any more of his friends get killed and vows to wage his own personal war to bring Deckard and his men home!

Heavy Weapon is a must read for any action fan who craves for more great action movies of the 80s.

The book is available in paperback and digital formats on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Hardcovers and the ultra-limited “Munition Edition” are coming soon on

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Company: Strike Comics, David Desjardin – Seattle, WA

About David Desjardin
David Desjardin is an artist, storyteller, and avid gamer. He is hopelessly stuck in the 80's and loves the cheesy B-movies, action films, and music of that era... With the release of Heavy Weapon, he hopes to be able to bring back the creativeness of the unchained “schlock and awe” of 80's entertainment.