Welcome Aboard: How to Land A Job With Only One Interview

Book Release: "Welcome Aboard: How to Land a Job with Only One Interview"

“Welcome Abroad: How to Land a Job with Only One Interview” is a must have for individuals who are currently unemployed and searching for a job or are currently employed and wish to change jobs but are afraid of the interview process.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- “Welcome Abroad: How to Land a Job with Only One Interview,” written by Armen Knight is officially available for the public to read. The book tells all about the real interview skills needed in order to get hired. It does not waste the reader’s time by discussing common interview questions or telling readers how they should dress for an interview. This book has been written to tell readers everything they need to know, not things they already know. It discusses a non-traditional approach to the entire interview process.

Individuals can visit OnlyOneInterview.com in order to find the book. As of today, the book is available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play Books. Availability on Apple iBooks is pending.

This book was written with the intentions of removing the fear of the interview. The techniques have been proven to put the individual back in control. After reading this book, individuals no longer have to second-guess what the interviewer will say next. Instead, as long as the reader uses the unique techniques listed in this eBook which have been proven to work, they will be remembered for all the right reasons. The book is to the point and has been designed to increase the individual’s chances of getting a job.

The book will teach the reader how to cast away those phrases every interviewer has heard before and how to use unique phrases that will make you stand out from the crowd. Interviewers care about finding out who the potential employee REALLY is and this book will teach the reader how to give the interviewer exactly what they are searching for – their true identity. Individuals can be highly qualified for the job, but still lose the job because the interviewer believes the potential employee was trained to answer textbook interview questions.

Many individuals who have read “Welcome Abroad: How to Land a Job with Only One Interview” have found a large amount of success. The words within the book will unfold right in front of the reader’s eyes and suddenly they will understand what they need to do at the next interview in order to land the job. The magic is within the words.

About Armen Knight
Armen Knight (the author of “Welcome Abroad: How to Land a Job with Only One Interview”) has worked many jobs in different industries. He has been interviewed dozens of times and has been offered a job dozens of times. Therefore, he is described as an “expert” at job interviews. The book was written for all of those individuals who want to hear the words “you’re hired” after their first interview. The book has been written to be straight to the point in order to give readers exactly what they need, without wasting time.

Contact name: Armen Knight

Email Address: info@onlyoneinterview.com