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Wembley, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- The author Rahul Kabade has brought Lord Muruga, the progeny of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, close to the reader’s heart by it’s rich content and vivid description taking the reader to an enhanced level of devotion and is uplifting. The book serves as a useful source of knowledge and information for any spiritual seeker or aspirant.

The spiritual wealth of Skanda Purana is succinctly spelled out. How Muruga’s birth came into being is very interesting to read. The celestial time concept, the moral agenda of various interpretations of the stories are remarkably well written.

The meaningful interpretations of various names like Lord Subrahmanya, Karthikeya and the like give a kaleidoscope kind of glimpse of His virtues and the qualities that get imbibed in devotee’s lives. The essence of Beej mantras make a worthy read. The analogy put forth by the author between the six faces, the six chakras as centers of power and the five elements of the universe should educate and enlighten the reader.

The symbolic essence of the important temples is fascinating to read. Several folklore legends with their moral implications are very relevant to modern times. The history behind Bhakti yoga is well articulated.

The connection of Murugan abodes to Ramayana and Mahabharata are notable and thoroughly researched. Other temples in South India and Sri Lanka, like the one located on the same longitude as the Kailasa mountain in the north, are quite informative to readers of all genres.

Celebration of the human birth is well and lucidly presented in one of the stories. The Aryan Dravidian oneness is subtly revealed in the description of the Siddhas. The famous abode of Ramana Maharishi is given a good Murugan interpretation.

The Ashtottara at the concluding part of the book is an excellent compilation of the numerous names praising Lord Muruga and is a ready reckoner for general readers and devotees of Subramanian.

On the whole a book worth possessing as well as a “gift book on joyous occasions” for near and dear reader friends of all ages and countries across the Globe.
Dr. T. V. Karthikeyan is a respected author and his best work has been a book under the popular science series. He is also a veteran national level table tennis player and works as a scientist for DRDO, Gov. of India. He can be reached via email at

About Rahul Kabade
Rahul Kabade is a management professional with a profound interest in Spirituality. Born in Pune-India, he went to complete his education at IIM Bangalore and emigrated to USA and finally to the UK. He managed a few software companies in Europe and he is married to Sarah Mc Laughlin and lives in London.

Rahul believes that "Spirituality driven route in life brings Love, hope, understanding, positive energy and joy." The life of Lord Muruga signifies triumph of wisdom over ignorance and has an exceptional power to transform individuals. Sri Muruga is his first book detailing his understanding and accounts from his various pilgrimages and travel to Murugan temples across the globe. The book aims to energise every day spiritual life.

Book Review by Dr. T. V. Karthikeyan
Book Title: Sri Muruga - Legend, Short Stories and Worship
Author: Rahul Kabade
ISBN: 9780957379404, Paperback, 194 Pages.
Publisher: Sri Muruga Publications,, London, UK

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