Book the Best Hotels with Honest Reviews releases new reviews regarding the hotel booking industry


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2014 -- After launching multiple company verticals, Hotel Booking is the newest industry to be added to (TBC) queue.

The big players of the industry, including Priceline, Orbitz and Expedia, are all reviewed in this new launch. The TBC team uses their own rating criteria combined with real reviews to complete their score.

“It’s hard not to be bias in this industry,” TBC Content Manager Kate Ward said. “The whole time the team is thinking of the Travelocity gnome or Priceline’s Negotiator. We have to put aside what we know and look at the facts when ranking these companies.” has unique criterion when rating hotel booking companies. These include:

-Variety of Options
-Membership Perks
-Customer Service
-Better Business Bureau
-Time in Business

All of these are weighted, combined with customer reviews and the TBC team’s expert criteria, to give an honest review to a company. As more customers review companies, score will alter as well. Customers will also be able to view an average of all customers’ reviews on the page too.

The more reviews, the more informed customers will be when choosing a hotel booking company. The TBC team believes with more real reviews, combined with their own expert ranking criterion, customers will be able to make informed decisions regarding hotel booking.

“Honest reviews bring honest ratings,” Ward said. “The TBC team is confident in their recommendations about hotel booking companies.”

Currently, the TBC team has reviewed 12 hotel booking companies. leads the ratings, with and rounding out the top three.

About puts the customer first. The TBC team uses the criterion to create an honest, effective rating for every company. Each review is an accurate representation of the company.

TBC wants the each customer to feel confident in choosing a company that is right for their specific needs. Real reviews and extensive research make up each review to ensure customer pick the right company for them.

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