New Book Release: Apprehended & Apprehending Explains the True Meaning of Salvation by Grace


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- The book Apprehended & Apprehending describes the true meaning of salvation and it shakes the faith of its readers to help them understand its meaning.

Apprehended & Apprehending is an eye-opener to the true meaning of salvation by grace through faith, and it is authored by M. J. André. The Author used Philippians 3:10-12 as a road map to show the Salvation we have received by Grace from God goes on through dedication, perseverance and endurance to apprehend what Christ has apprehended us for. Spiritual maturity is just the tip of the iceberg. The real prize of Salvation is possessing the only wonder that matters wich is finding the heart of God the Father.

M. J. André generously shared in a way that can shake one's faith, with words coming right from the heart and encourage readers to evaluate their belief concerning Scriptures to make sure we are taking in the whole Bible not just few verses. Because God's Word will not come back void to Him. M. J. André is as bold as they come, but then what do you expect from someone who has spent seven years of pain and an unending wilderness learning at His feet. He warns us of the danger of taking in partial truth of the Word of God, just enough to tickle our ears. André`s book Apprehended & Apprehending goes beyond what regular Christian self-help book offers and truly helps his reader to transfer from a theoretical life and living a more practical and spiritual one.

André himself was living in darkness until God captivated his heart. It has since then been a love affair between him and his God. It is his desire and hope to help others achieve unadulterated friendship and intimacy with the Father. He invites his readers to take courage and go forward to find out what Paul meant when he said in Galatians 4:19 “until Christ is formed in you” Apprehended & Apprehending costs is $12.95 but the guidance inside this book is worth much more than its price.

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