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BookLite Launches with Records of over Two Million Books Across Fifty Genres

BookLite is a book reference site that has been created so individuals can find details on books by their title, ISBN, genre or publishing date, making it the leading online library resource.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- The internet is replacing the physical stores in many ways, and the digitization of both shopping and literature has caused libraries to close down in many parts of the developed world, leaving people without a centralized accessible resource center for books. BookLite is a site that aims to provide that service to people online, overcoming one of the main drawbacks to online shopping: that users only know to search for something once they already know it exists, essentially missing out on new discoveries.

The website allows people to browse by their favorite genre, be it science, education, autobiography, fiction, poetry or young adult, and discover hundreds and even thousands of books in those genres. Each book listed contains a cover photo by which to identify it, an ISBN so people can order it quickly and a summary so they can see if the book’s narrative is likely to be interesting or useful to them.

The site is expanding rapidly, already having two million books listed, and has a goal of sixteen million books to aspire to, with the site’s team working round the clock to expand their range and provide users with even more new discoveries. The creators believe it’s an ideal resource to check in with before a holiday or after finishing a novel to see what to buy next.

A spokesperson for BookLite explained, “BookLite.Net was created to convey essential information on titles of all kinds, providing the same kind of essential reference system found in a physical library but with all the convenience of being hosted online. Whether people want to discover information on graphic novels or true crime, we have thousands of titles for them to explore. We aim to have sixteen million titles referenced on our site and already have over two million, which provide hugely useful resources to students and leisure readers alike.”

About BookLite
BookLite is a newly established website created to gather millions of books together and flesh them out with records of their ISBN, plot summaries, publish dates and more. Users are able to check the details of almost any book in the website, with their records exponentially expanding to include up to sixteen million books. For more information please visit: