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Books, Authors and Artists and Fresh Publishing Team Up to Bring More Titles to the UK Market

Two independent publishers strike a deal to distribute British versions of Books, Authors, and Artists best-selling paperbacks.


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Louisville – Books, Authors, and Artists, the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC, has finalized a distribution agreement with independent publisher Fresh Publishing to distribute three of their titles in the UK and Europe. The books will be published in time for the London Book Fair, in April.

Books, Authors, and Artists has agreed to licence the reprint rights to Fresh Publishing, who will edit the titles to fit the British market before publishing them. The deal currently includes Amazon bestseller Scrooge and Marley, The Great Hawk, and Patton: Many Lives, Many Battles, all three written by Karl F. Hollenbach .

Astrid Gay, owner of Fresh Publishing, says, “I'm very happy with this opportunity. Scrooge and Marley is a perfect fit for the UK market, and the other two titles have good potential as well. I hope this is only the beginning of a successful partnership with Books, Authors, and Artists.”

Kef Hollenbach, owner of internet marketing KY, LLC, states, “Efficient distribution involves contacts, an excellent distribution channel, and the under-appreciated ability to promote and publicise the books. After working with Ms Gay for a good while, I came to appreciate her abilities, knowledge, and perseverance.

Astrid’s experience as an author, a publisher and a publicist all combine to make her an outstanding distributor.”

About Books, Authors, and Artists
Books, Authors, And Artists is the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC. It specializes in book publication by enhancing the public awareness of selected authors, both new and previously published. Additionally, visual artists who participate by creating graphics and artwork are featured.

About Fresh Publishing
Fresh Publishing is a small press based in the UK. As well as publishing original fiction and non-fiction, it offers publishing services to independent authors and other publishers. Its aim is to publish great books that might lack the commercial appeal needed by the major publishing houses.

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