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Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- The small-press publisher, Books, Authors, and Artists (BAA) has recently welcomed young author Lisa Nicholls as an online visiting author . BAA posted the biography of six-year-old, autistic Lisa as an inspiration to all.

Lisa Nicholls was recently diagnosed as autistic, after concerns about her language and social developments were first raised when she was just aged two. One of the techniques pointed out to help her cope were Social Stories™. Lisa’s mother, author Astrid Nicholls, decided to invent the stories Lisa needed following the published guidelines rather than buy the books.

“I just had no idea what I was letting myself into,” Astrid Nicholls says. “I just never guessed writing a book would become one of Lisa’s mini-obsessions. She started helping with telling the stories and one was always coming back, which I ended up writing down. The minute Lisa saw words on paper; she assumed I was making a book out of her story. Then she pestered me until I had no choice but to oblige.”

“It helped Lisa a lot, and got her to talk to us a lot more and about something she really enjoyed and that wasn’t school. As an author, I know the plot of the story is not perfect. But the whole point is that Lisa developed her social skills just that little bit more from it, and it seems to have been quite the confidence booster for her.”

Wings for a Fairy tells the story of Lily, a fairy without wings. She one day helps free a bird tangled in barb wires which sets Lily on a path where, through her kindness, she ultimately earns her wings. The book was illustrated by Astrid Nicholls and published by Fresh Publishing.

Kef Hollenbach, owner of Books, Authors, and Artists, says “Lisa and her mother both will not let a disability get in the way of what they want. I thought it was a truly inspirational story. After all, how many six-years-old can say they are published authors?”

Wings for a Fairy (ISBN: 9781497484832) is available as a paperback from Amazon . Lisa has already indicated that her royalties would be spent on chocolate bars and sweets.

About Lisa and Astrid Nicholls
Lisa Nicholls is a young autistic author currently living with her parents and siblings on the Isle of Wight, in England. She was diagnosed in 2013. She enjoys drawing, painting and making models.

Astrid Nicholls is a science-fiction and fantasy artist, enjoying crossing the boundaries between writing and various forms of computer arts to tell her stories.

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