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Books Help Individuals Start a Cash Only Medical Practice and Save

Various books published by Hippocrates publishing shows physicians how they can save money by starting a c ash only medical practice.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- The average physician lives a hectic lifestyle. Frequently tired and overworked, they also face problems with low reimbursement rates, high overhead, HMOs and much more. Many physicians are starting to look into ways to start their own cash only medical practice. Hippocrates Publishing LLC., has published various books that will help individuals get started in this field.

"Learn How to Start a Cash Only Medical Practice" is a guide that individuals can read in order to know exactly what they need to do in order to start a cash only medical practice. While setting up a medical practice is not easy, the book will help make it understandable. In order for a medical practice to be set up properly, everything will need to be arranged just right - "Learn How to Start a Cash Only Medical Practice" will teach individuals how to do just that. The book will also teach about the hiring process of billing officers, the benefits of cash only practices and much more.

"Learn How to Start a Cash Only Medical Practice" is not the only book available. At Hippocrates Publishing LLC., individuals will also have access to "The Physicians Guide to a Successful Medical House Call Practice" and "Nurse Practitioners Guide to a Successful Medical House Call Practice."

About Hippocrates Publishing
Since the year 2004, Hippocrates Publishing has provided support to thousands of medical professionals throughout the world. They specialize in writing and publishing books full of information to assist physicians with their niche medical practices and medical practice marketing.

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