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Boom in Probiotic Sales Suggests a Big Trend for 2016: Happy Kombucha Comments


Eastbourne, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Recent reports have highlighted the reality of the rising popularity of Probiotic products over the last few years. Probiotics are combinations of live bacteria and enzymes, thought to be beneficial to digestive health and immunity. Euromonitor showed that sales of Probiotic products such as yoghurt grew significantly from 2012, even in counties such as China which saw $1.4 billion added in sales between 2012 and 2014. This also has had big implications in the UK, as the number of popular products with Probiotic value has clearly diversified beyond yoghurt; now including items such as Kombucha and kefir. Rising sales and expanding product ranges suggest that Probiotics are set to be a major food and drink trend this year.

Already, a number of businesses are coming forward to provide Probiotic products and get themselves ahead. An example which incorporates the easily-accessible style of yoghurt, with a unique product and home-grown bonus, is kefir. Water kefir can be enjoyed as a Probiotic people can brew at home; creating delicious drinks, yoghurt-style items and cheeses. A prime example of a company at the forefront this provision and acknowledging the likely trend, is Happy Kombucha. A spokesperson had this to say:

"It is important to respond to the international market which shows rising consumer interest and engagement with Probiotic products. It seems that more people are excited to feel the potential health benefits; with digestive and immunity links often discussed. No wonder it is set to be a popular idea for 2016! That is why we are proud to offer such a wide range of options here at Happy Kombucha, so you ca create your own Probiotic drinks."

About Happy Kombucha
Happy Kombucha are prime providers of Probiotic drink making equipment. This includes options for kefir and Kombucha brewing.

For more information you can visit their website: http://happykombucha.co.uk/pages/probiotic-drinks

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