Boones Estates

Boone's Estates Offering Well-Planned Community at Prominent Locations

Boone’s Estates’ well maintained community at a convenient location near Washington DC has lured first time home buyers or those looking to invest in their second homes. When it comes to buying a homes in a safe and peaceful locations in the Anne Arundel County, MD, Boone’s makes sure that buyers have a wide range of options available.

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Lothian, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Boone’s Estates offers its residents an exclusive opportunity to be a part of well-maintained mobile housing community in a prime location near Washington DC, Annapolis and Baltimore. What is unique about the community is its friendly ambiance, well-lit paved streets, sidewalks and availability of a range of amenities like swimming pool, baseball court, tennis court and kids’ playgrounds. Those looking to invest in real estate nearby Baltimore will surely find the Anne Arundel housing community a lucrative option.

During a conversation about the basic concept behind such community, a company executive said, “Our community is planned so that residents get a peaceful, safe and friendly envirnoment. We have taken care to include many amenities. Our residents just love our spacious mobile home sites, against backdrop of woodlands”.

Boone’s Estates is drawing lots of enquiries from willing buyers who are interested in settling at beautiful and serene locations, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. At the same time, they want a site from where they can easily commute to major cities like Washington or Baltimore. With growing crime rates many residents are picking up a mobile housing community living because of the safety and convenience it offers. These are some reasons why many are opting for Boone’s community.

“This is the place where you feel close to nature while enjoying all facilities of modern city life,” further added the company executive.

The company has come up with Anne Arundel mobile housing sites located strategically near Washington, DC and Baltimore. There are so many attractions and facilities the County offers that buyers just can’t resist this location. With employment opportunities growing and educational institutes nearby, housing in Anne Arundel County has become a perfect choice for those wish to buy their dream homes in a charming location.

Boone’s Estates is a reliable and reputable mobile housing company, which offers well planned communities at prime locations nearby Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. By exploring the company website, customers can lease a site of his choice or purchase a home.