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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces hCG Diet to Boost Metabolism

Diet Doc has developed a new prescription hCG diet plan focused on helping patients boost metabolism and lose weight fast.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- There is a fine line that must be walked during low calorie dieting. The dieter must be careful not to enter what is referred to as starvation mode, where the body's metabolism slows to a point that makes unassisted weight loss close to impossible. During starvation mode, the body's thermogenesis slows as it burns fewer calories in response to the lack of adequate calorie consumption. Initially, metabolic slowdown was essential to avoid death during famine, but due to an abundance of available food, modern humans no longer need this mechanism. So to modern dieters struggling with weight loss, this once necessary mechanism is a concern when considering America's obesity epidemic. In order to produce results during a low calorie diet, it is essential to boost metabolism to avoid starvation mode. Diets that only focus on consuming fewer calories will not boost metabolism like a Diet Doc prescription hCG diet plan, proven to preserve metabolic function and produce true lasting results while balancing metabolism. Aside from consuming too few calories, normal aging also causes the metabolism to drop to levels that may cause weight gain. Diet Doc has developed medical weight loss and nutrition plans that can boost metabolism, even when an aging body is resistant to normal treatment.

In an effort to help dieters avoid metabolic slowdown, Diet Doc introduced a physician created and rigorously monitored hCG weight loss diet. This diet plan considers every patient's individual factors that may be hindering weight loss, providing unlimited consultations to every patient and possibly prescribing hCG treatments or all natural supplements to boost metabolism. Originally discovered and prescribed by Endocrinologist A. Simeons in 1954, Diet Doc has been updating and reinventing the hCG diet relentlessly for over a decade. The hCG diet has been heralded as "the most productive and safe approach to the best weight loss." by Dr. Harry A. Gusman, M.D. who conducted auxiliary studies on the original Dr. Simeons' hCG diet. Medical director for Diet Doc, Dr. Rao reports how they have "modernized the outdated hCG diet into one that is safe, and that rolls 4 medically supervised weight loss programs into one overall plan that is then further personalized for each person taking into consideration their health history, age, gender, lifestyle and preferences." Prescription hCG treatments when coupled with an individualized diet allows clients to lose weight fast while helping dieters boost metabolism and avoid common dieting setbacks. The plan directly aids the hypothalamus in forcing the body to burn more body fat, boost metabolism, and lose weight safely. Clients are constantly in contact with expert weight loss physicians. With prescription hCG, dieters maintain metabolic balance while continuing to burn calories, thus counteracting the archaic starvation mode that the body want to enter. Diet Doc focuses on enabling healthy weight loss with a balanced nutrition plan to help clients lose weight fast and boost metabolism naturally, regardless of age of weight.

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