Boost Milk Supply Breakthrough: Natural Health Advocate Reviews New Information That Fights Back Against the Rush to Formula


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- New moms who want to boost milk supply often feel desperate to relieve the stress that comes with low milk supply. A natural health advocate and PhD reviews exciting new information to help new moms boost milk supply naturally. The full text of the review is available at

Producing breast milk is natural, but it is not always easy. That's a message that many moms struggling to feed their newborns the way that they intended need to hear. Many moms need assistance not available in conventional settings. Many new moms feel as though their body has betrayed them and their baby. Unfortunately, these new moms are often discouraged from trying to naturally boost milk supply, and given the advice to "give up and switch to formula." Or worse are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to artificially boost milk supply which may or may not work and come with the risky side effects.

At, author Lunada Jay reviews breakthrough information that has been written with new moms committed to reversing low milk supply in mind. Lunada Jay provides an overview of the report, explains what she liked, what she found most helpful, and what she didn’t like. The information is written by a mom who had low milk supply. Both the reviewer and author know what it feels like and reversed it. It is well-researched but quick and easy to ready. The approaches are all natural and holistic, which is important to new moms who don't want to take any foreign substances or give them to their vulnerable newborns.

This powerful information will be available starting February 11th, 2013. "I'm a mom and a researcher with a doctorate. This information has already helped hundreds of real moms desperate to boost milk supply and give their babies the healthy start that they had intended," says reviewer Lunada Jay. This information on how to boost milk supply will be especially helpful for moms who: Have already consulted nurses, lactation support providers, or doctors without getting to the root of their low milk supply. Moms with hypothyroidism or other hormonal conditions that interfere with their milk production will find this information especially helpful.

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Lunada Jay is a researcher and natural health advocate who holds a Ph.D. She created her site to provide reliable information to other moms seeking natural alternatives and solutions for their health. She believes in the body’s natural ability to heal itself with proper support.

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