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Boost Oxygen Launched to Help Athletes Boost Training Performance


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The development of athletes, sportsmen and active adventurers has always been held back by the inevitable oxygen deprivation that occurs when the body under stress fails to transfer enough oxygen from the air into the blood. Performance enhancing drugs are illegal for athletes, and regulations are tightening on what substances athletes can use to improve their performance. Boost Oxygen is a completely legal, 91% pure oxygen booster to drastically improve performance when athletes push themselves to the limit.

The product has been launched with many different applications in mind. Those suffering from altitude sickness can address their symptoms by using Boost Oxygen to enrich their oxygen supply, perfect for tourists from low altitudes visiting mountainous regions.

Muscle and fitness enthusiasts can emulate their American Football idols by inhaling oxygen to improve their performance, oxygen for energy is a well trodden path for elite sports people. Amazingly, the product can even be used as a hangover remedy, or to improve mental acuity for those studying for important exams.

Weightlifters can also use the product to prevent themselves from dizzying when maxing out a muscle group, which requires most of the body’s oxygen to flow to the muscles under pressure.

The product can be ordered direct from the website and canisters come in a wide variety of colors and flavors, including menthol eucalyptus, peppermint, pink grapefruit and natural, with free shipping on orders over fifty dollars.

A spokesperson for Boost Oxygen explained, “We’ve developed a project which blends science, consumer needs and entertainment to create something simple but astonishingly varied in its application. The suggestions on the website are just the beginning, and I’m sure our customers will post their suggestions and innovations in the comments section soon. We’re offering canisters of 22 ounces, and 4 ounce boosters that can be used to trial the product and its many different flavors. It’s a cheap, affordable and totally legal way for athletes to boost their performance in training and for individuals to solve oxygen-depravation related issues like altitude sickness or more commonly, hangovers. Our testimonials show that the product really works.”

About Boost Oxygen
Boost Oxygen is a recreational sports product not for medicinal use. Boost canned oxygen is 95% pure, compared to air at 21%. The supplemental oxygen can be used by athletes, mountain climbers, weight lifters, spas, casinos and hotels, and can help alleviate symptoms of oxygen deprivation including stress, drowsiness, and toxin build up. For more information, please visit: