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Jerusalem, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- There is no question that businesses wanting to succeed turn to social media, Twitter in particular. This platform allows information to be shared quickly and easily to millions of people. However, for businesses with lackluster Twitter accounts, getting quality retweets can be challenging. has a solution.

With this service, businesses purchase automatic favorite retweets, ensuring their message is seen by as many potential customers as possible. The best part is that the service never actually accesses a business’s Twitter account. It simply takes the Tweets that are posted and then retweets the information from real, actual, active Twitter accounts. This process will encourage those seeing the tweet to retweet as well.

There are few customers who want to be the first to auto retweet something. Now, with this service, each tweet published by a business will be automatically retweeted, encouraging others to see what all the buzz is about. This increases visibility, twitter automatic favorites retweets and is a great way to spread the word regarding a new product or service that is being offered. No more hoping for the best when something is posted on social media and only receiving a few likes or retweets. Now, each post is guaranteed to be retweeted a certain number of times based on the package that is selected. Think about the possibilities for a business with an unlimited reach on social media.

The packages offered by range from $3 per week up to $125 per month. Businesses can opt to run the service each day, or simply select the tweets they want retweeted. This offers the ideal way to get important information out to the public quickly, and more importantly affordable.

No longer is it just big businesses with the power to reach the masses effectively on social media. With the help of, any small, local business can have the reach of the big name corporations, without the huge price tag that usually accompanies it.

About has a process of retweeting on social media that has been proven effective by countless businesses. Any business looking for a way to increase the visibility of their message should consider this service as a portion of their marketing strategy. Affordable, easy and convenient, the service offers simple set up and application no matter the size of an existing Twitter following.