Boost Your Bust Review: Does This New Method Work?


Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Women around the world who struggle with self-image will be excited to learn that there is a new eBook out which might help them to achieve the shape which they have always wanted. Boost Your Bust is a comprehensive guide to breast enlargement by Jenny Bolton, a researcher who struggled with her own journey for years. Bolton’s methods are natural, safe, and healthy, and can be done using affordable and ready-available supplies (visit the Boost Your Bust official site).

Many women wish that they had larger breasts, but not every woman is ready or even interested in making the leap to get cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is a drastic solution which is not appropriate for everyone. Furthermore, there are high financial barriers for surgery. Most insurance companies will only cover cosmetic surgery if it is related to a medical situation. Breast enlargement surgery is seen as “optional,” and as a result, there is no coverage for the expensive procedure.

Women who read Boost Your Bust have a chance to enlarge their breasts without surgery, and without any expensive pills or creams. A lot of the creams and pills on the market are ineffectual but very costly, and many of them also contain artificial additives which are not healthy and may have negative side effects.

How is Boost Your Bust different? Jenny Bolton, the researcher who wrote this eBook, did so based off of her own experiences. She too was frustrated by the lack of healthy and affordable options out there. After experimenting with different home remedies, she was able to boost her own breast size two cup sizes within just six weeks. She discovered through the process that she didn’t need anything drastic or expensive to do it - just some relatively simple ingredients and methods and the diligence necessary to succeed (for more about this, click here).

Correcting Myths about Breast Size

One of the first things that Jenny Bolton sets out to do with this eBook is correct some of the pervasive myths about breast size which befuddle women with smaller breasts. A lot of these misconceptions involve hormones and their connection to breast size. Readers discover what they can and cannot control, and also how important diet is when it comes to breast size. To some degree, breast size is genetic, but there are still lifestyle choices which can impact bust size. Boost Your Bust is all about making lifestyle choices and changes that can result in a larger size.

Boost Your Bust is safe and effective for all women of all ages. The eBook is directed largely at teenage girls, but can also be used by adult women to achieve the same results. What are some of the methods which Boost Your Bust teaches?
- Dietary suggestions. A large portion of the eBook focuses on dietary choices which can help women to achieve a larger bust size. Eating the right foods can help with breast enlargement. Women also learn which foods to avoid if they want larger breasts.
- Self-massage. Jenny Bolton teaches women a self-massage which can be performed nightly to help direct growth hormones to the bust area. Performed with regularity, this technique can lead to substantial improvement.
- Upper body exercises. Upper body exercises can increase the amount of muscle in the chest, which in turn can make the bust appear larger. This is a great way for women to emphasize their breasts and also get a great workout in the process. Exercise of course has additional benefits, and can also lead to a self-esteem boost.
- Clothing choices. Some types of clothing can enhance the appearance of the breasts, while other types of clothing de-emphasize the bust. Learn what types of underwear and outerwear to wear to boost bust size.
- DIY bust enlargement cream. There are a lot of expensive creams on the market which are supposed to help women to enlarge their breasts. Jenny Bolton teaches readers how to make bust enlargement cream at home on their own using inexpensive and safe ingredients. Not only does this help to reduce costs, but it is also healthier and more effective.

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All of these methods are natural, and none require any unsafe procedures. Breast surgery can present a risk of infection, and many breast surgeries need touch-ups later, resulting in extra expenses. There is also the risk of implants rupturing, which can cause further health problems. But with natural, safe, home remedies and smart exercise and clothing choices, women can augment the appearance of their busts without taking these risks.

What are the benefits of enhancing bust size? Women who want to enlarge their busts all have different reasons, but for many, it is a matter of self-esteem. A lot of the women who choose to enlarge their busts do so because they are happier with the figure they see in the mirror if they have a more classic “hourglass” look. For some women, discovering that they are capable of changing their appearance on their own can also feel liberating.

With the enhancement to their self-esteem, these women have an easier time approaching others and presenting themselves with pride and confidence. This makes it easier to make friends, go out on dates, and enjoy their social lives to their fullest. Some women with very small breasts also may have trouble finding clothing which fits. With a more standard cup size, they have an easier time shopping and enjoying fashion.

Does Boost Your Bust Really Work?

Boost Your Bust has already received accolades from readers around the world, and online, potential buyers can peruse the testimonials of women of all ages who have successfully used Jenny Bolton’s formula to enlarge their busts. Women who are not interested in surgery, or who cannot afford surgery, will be happy to discover that there is an easier way to enlarge their breasts and move up one or two cup sizes within a reasonable timeframe. Boost Your Bust is on sale for $37, and is empowering women to affordably and safely achieve the figures they desire.

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