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Website Offers Free Information and Advice on How to Boost Credit Rating


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2011 -- It’s no secret that the recession has hit many people very hard. Bankruptcy rates are higher than ever, people are walking away from upside down mortgages on their homes, and across the country credit cards are being maxed out by families trying to buy basic necessities like food and gas.

For many, these financial hardships have been accompanied by an unfortunate and inevitable dip in credit ratings. Those who used to have a good credit score are now watching their rating drop lower and lower.

Great Credit Score is getting a lot of attention lately as a free and helpful resource for consumers who need information about their credit rating. The website features a variety of educational and useful articles as well as tips that can help people improve their credit score while also learning about why credit history is so important to banks and other financial lenders.

“Your credit score is a number that represents your entire financial history,” explained company spokesperson Ross Jackson.

“It is used by lenders, creditors, landlords, and employers to ‘assess the risk’ you present to them. A long, positive history lets them know that you have been financially responsible throughout your life. A ‘good score’ shows that you pay your debts and are experienced at handling your money.”

The website is also an invaluable resource for those who want to take the necessary steps to improve their credit rating, but who are unsure how to go about do it yourself credit repair.

“If you have a bad credit score, don’t worry! Your credit score is not set in stone,” Jackson said. “It is a number that will change as you change your spending habits.”

For example, Jackson explained that a score can improve greatly even if a consumer has a bankruptcy or default on his or her record.

“Some people have been able to increase their score up into the 700’s, just a few years after filing bankruptcy.”

Tips that the website offers to help boost a credit rating include obtaining credit information from a reputable source, looking for errors in credit history, paying down credit card debts, and not applying for any new credit cards.

“Too many applications for credit cards or loans in short period of time may be a signal to creditors that you are financially desperate,” Jackson explained.

For more information on Great Credit Score, please visit http://greatcreditscore.org