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Booster Bots Launch Etsy Lead Scraper

Increase sales on Etsy with harvested leads


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Booster Bots has announced its Etsy Lead Scraper so that users can automatically harvest leads from competitors.

It is being considered as a powerful tool to harvest leads from competitors, especially those who run their business in a specific niche. All business owners are trying to grow further and for that to happen, the importance of leads cannot be overemphasized. What this tool does is it automatically follows and unfollows users, sends messages, harvests leads based of people that have actually purchased products in your niche, and even harvests shop admirers to ensure that users get the best for their business.

Today there are many people who are trying open a new business on Etsy. However they are often faced with the question, How To Increase Sales on Etsy. Such business owners and entrepreneurs will be a shocked by the tool because it harvests and saves leads from actual people who have spent money and left reviews on Etsy. Thus it claims to offer people tangible results.

How often has one wasted efforts on potential customers who don’t follow back or buy products? Now users have an opportunity to Increase Etsy Sales dramatically by making the most out of this tool. It ensures that they can not only automatically follow but etsy shops also engage with highly targeted users that have purchased products in the same niche from their competitors.

Being known to customers in your own niche can be a huge asset for businesses and individuals trying to sell their products. This tool is a means to that goal because it automatically harvests and saves all the shops based on the keyword chosen. Once the shops are harvested and saved, it goes through each shop link and harvests user profile links that have been left behind at the shop. Finally, the shop lists can also be used with other modules that are available with Etsy Lead Scraper.

In fact, the specially designed tool comes with nine powerful modules that include Shop Scraper and Review Lead Scraper, Shop Review Lead Scraper, Automatic Lead Follower, Turbo Unfollower, Lead Messenger + Follower, Shop Admire Scraper, Product URL Scraper, Product Favorite and Shop Favorite. Users also get adequate support, which is handy when they are looking for help.

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