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Boosters Best Now Offering Custom School Bags and Stickers for School This Fall


Montgomery, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Boosters Best is pleased to announce they are now offering custom school bags and stickers for schools this fall. These two products are essential in boosting the energy and spirit of the school. With the weather becoming more frigid, middle school and high school football teams, or any other team that play outside during the fall and winter, will need more support than ever to keep them fired up during each game. By shopping at Boosters Best online, supports can get all of the spirit products they need to give the teams they love the advantage. Nothing unifies the school more than when fans show up to the game with spirit products to help cheer on the players.

Boosters Best offers custom drawstring bags that students and faculty members can carry with them to any game they attend during the school year. Athletes can also wear them as identifiers when they visit other schools. The custom bags will show that the athletes have pride in their school. The drawstring bags are available in a wide variety of colors and allow plenty of room to have the name or logo of the school printed on them. The school spirit supplier also offers 6-pack cooler lunch bags. With these bags, students and faculty members can pack their lunch and keep the food fresh and drinks cool throughout the day.

Nothing spreads the spirit more than a custom sticker for school. Parents and faculty members can purchase bumper stickers for their cars, or students can purchase stickers for their locker or binders. Wherever the stickers are placed, people will be bound to notice the pride the community members have for their school. Both custom school bags and stickers can be purchased in bulk and sold during fundraisers or pep rallies. The money spent on these products can be used to keep various educational departments going for many years to come.

About Boosters Best
Boosters Best is a division of Boosters Incorporated. Boosters Incorporate has been the leader in school spirit supplies for over fifty years. While the company continues to grow, it takes pride on still being locally-owned and operated, providing the finest craftsmanship and service in the industry. The product line includes everything used to bring school spirit to new heights, including buttons, bumper stickers, cheer flags, megaphones, key chains, and much more. Boosters Best offers the best products that help students, parents, and faculty members celebrate the day’s big game.

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