Joe Bragg Oxygen Cans Gain Reputation as a Hangover Remedy


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Anyone who has enjoyed a night out which involves alcohol can testify to the fact that the morning afterwards isn’t always quite as pleasant an experience as the night before. Alcohol can have aftereffects such as nausea and headaches that persist for an entire day. Many inventive people have attempted to get around this problem by devising hangover cures, with limited success.

One new hangover cure method that has been getting a lot of attention recently is, a portable can of oxygen that can be inhaled to provide beneficial effects. Boost Oxygen has been building a reputation as an incredibly effective way to recover from a hangover.

The website contains a huge amount of information about the product, including details about the product’s effectiveness as a hangover treatment. It also presents information about the various other sporting, fitness and energy applications of Boost Oxygen cans.

The entire Boost Oxygen product range is available to purchase online, and this includes four different flavors of oxygen. The oxygen is infused with pink grapefruit, invigorating menthol eucalyptus or refreshing peppermint aromas to make inhalation more enjoyable. However the product also comes in a completely natural, flavorless form too. The oxygen canisters are available in two different sizes, the larger 6 liter size and the smaller, more portable 2 liter version.

A spokesperson said: “Many people report feeling significant hangover relief when they get some fresh air. This is because having higher blood oxygen content will mitigate the unpleasant effects of a hangover. Inhaling Boost Oxygen as a hangover cure works on exactly the same principle. The great thing about Boost Oxygen is that it works instantly, delivering a hit of oxygen straight into the blood stream where it can get to work helping you recover from a hangover instantly. Boost Oxygen doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals; it’s just 95% pure oxygen that you can inhale instantly straight from the can. As well as being an effective hangover remedy, it is also useful for many other applications. It can help sportspeople and athletes recover from huge physical exertion, it can aid altitude recovery for climbers, and it gives a natural boost of energy.”

About is a website which sells portable cans of oxygen for personal inhalation. The oxygen comes in four different flavors and two different sizes.

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