Joe Bragg Shows Fitness Enthusiasts the Energy and Performance Boosting Qualities of 95% Pure Oxygen


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Even the world’s best athletes have trouble finding an energy boost at times when they need it most. The body is complex. And no matter how many chemicals or stimulants someone puts into their body, there is no substitute for pure oxygen.

Oxygen is the most important substance in the world to humans. Without oxygen, humans can live for only a few minutes. The performance enhancing boost given by Oxygen has seen a lot of attention focused on Boost Oxygen aims to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts a boost of energy thanks to the power of 95% pure oxygen.

Pure oxygen is a surprisingly powerful compound that has an incredible effect on the body. As a Boost Oxygen spokesperson explains, few people realize just how powerful pure oxygen can be:

“Oxygen is something that almost everyone in the world takes for granted. Most of us don’t think about oxygen on a daily basis. But an oxygen recovery is the best all-natural way to boost the body’s speed and performance. It reinvigorates professional athletes in the middle of a game, for example, and gives them the mental and physical energy they need to succeed. Oxygen can also help people prevent altitude sickness, recover from jet lag, or reduce stress. In fact, pure oxygen has even been shown to cure hangovers.”

Getting pure oxygen isn’t as simple as walking outside and taking a few deep breaths. In fact, the website explains that the oxygen content of the air we breathe is only about 21%. That’s why Boost Oxygen developed a canister of 95% pure oxygen that delivers all of the benefits of oxygen in an all-natural formula. This canister is called Boost Oxygen, and it aims to revolutionize the way athletes recharge their bodies.

The Boost Oxygen spokesperson explained why the all-natural properties of Boost Oxygen are so important to athletes:

“Unlike other athletic supplements, Boost Oxygen contains no caffeine or calories. It doesn’t have stimulants or synthetically-produced compounds. Instead, it’s a pure delivery of concentrated oxygen that helps people all over the world perform at their best.”

Taking Boost Oxygen is designed to be as easy as possible. Each canister features a simple mouthpiece attachment. Users simply hold the attachment over their nose and lips before delivering a burst of pure oxygen into their system. There are also different flavors available to ensure taking the supplement is as enjoyable as possible.

At, visitors can learn all about the benefits and usage of Boost Oxygen. There are pictures of mountain climbers using Boost Oxygen to acclimatize their bodies on Mount Kilimanjaro, for example. Meanwhile, more casual weekend athletes can use Boost Oxygen to energize themselves during a morning run.

About is a 95% pure oxygen supplement designed to help athletes recharge their bodies while playing sports or exercising. Boost Oxygen can also be used to prevent altitude sickness, act as a hangover remedy, and recharge the brain. For more information, please visit: