ApplenMicro Talks About Low Milk Supply Dilemma - Millions of Mothers Are Warned of Poisoning Their Babies


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- Many new mothers are turning to formula to feed their babies these days, but science is proving daily that formula has increased risks. To avoid poisoning or hurting your child's long-term health, mothers should turn to breastfeeding. While new and veteran mothers alike struggle with low milk supply, there are easy and effective methods of boosting that milk supply that are safe for mother and child alike.

The Dangerous Possible Effects of Formula

Baby formula, despite maker's best efforts, is not what babies should be consuming at their early and delicate stage. Over 1.5 million babies die a year due to malnutrition while being fed formula, according to the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, it is all too easy to poison your baby with the key ingredient in formula – water. Water intoxication can cause seizures and even death in a baby, all due to the imbalance of nutrients and the water content in regular formula recipes.

The Answer - Breastfeeding

Why do mothers turn away from natural breast feeding? It has all the vitamins and nutrients a growing baby will need, and healthy breast milk will never poison a child. It turns out that many mothers have the intention or desire to breastfeed their babies, but struggle with low milk supply.

How to Boost Milk Supply

Breast milk is your baby's natural food that is safe and sustaining... unless, of course, you have a consistently low milk supply. Mothers will be happy to know that all is not lost – you can increase your milk supply easily. Milk Up! is an informational e-Book that explains in great detail the how's, when's, and why's of breast feeding and what to do if you can't produce milk.

The author of the book explains on her website that she herself struggled with a low milk supply: “I was distraught when I knew I could not fulfill my baby’s need for nourishment,” says author Diane Walters. “I panicked and painfully paid hundreds of dollars for more professional lactation advice, books, consultations... and yet it still did not work! Because of my painful experience, I started researching and experimenting with natural solutions.” Diane found a way to naturally produce milk again, without medication or side-effects.

It is recommended to avoid feeding your baby dangerous formula – learn how to breastfeed your child. To learn more about how to maintain your baby's health and vitality via natural breastfeeding, visit


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