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Boot Camp Fitness Gets Popular Both Locally and Around the World

Get fit in the New Year no matter where you are. The top 5 world wide fitness camps and two renowned local camps.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Military-style boot camp fitness, which originated in the United Kingdom in 2005, is taking over the world of work-out. Now across the globe boot camp fitness is spreading like wildfire as the number one way to get fit. Whether at home or overseas there are beautiful places all over the world hosting exercise classes like these.

Top 5 Foreign Fitness Boot Camps:

1. Ibiza, Spain: While most visit Ibiza for the vivacious parties and extravagant beaches, it's also the home of No 1 Boot Camp's Luxury Fitness Retreat. This camp thrives on the beautiful island's surrounding by incorporating challenging hikes, yoga and tough military workouts for each of the camps participants.

2. Tulum, Mexico: Spend time working out while surrounded by beautiful private beaches and the ancient ruins of the Mayans. For the perfect bikini body, this boot camp will whip anyone into shape. Several classes are offered ranging from yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and beach cardio. a Bikini Boot Camp in Mexico will have you looking summer-ready in no time. There are also guided bike tours and more.

3. Phuket, Thailand: Raw Fitness Boot Camp based on Thailand's largest island, Phuket, helps transform each participants mind, body and spirit. Slip away from the traditional party environment and be surrounded by empowering fitness. This camp takes place in the tropical forest giving each workout a type of clarity like no other. This camp is supportive and pressure free. Training takes place on the beach and in the forest incorporating group classes, personal training, martial arts and a detox program.

4. Queensland, Australia: Steve Willis, also known as The Commando (a couch from the biggest loser) is hosting three sessions of a five day camp at Binna Burra Lodge. This camp is based amongst “the rainforests, waterfalls and mountain views of Lamington National Park Queensland,” according to Trust.org. Here participants support one another and help each other achieve goals. This camp is based around a Cross Fit program and is purposed to improve a person’s strength both mentally and physically.

5. Watamu, Kenya: Wildfitness, a Watamu based camp surrounded by the beaches of the Indian Ocean is home to beautiful landscapes. People workout under unbelievable sunsets, beside friendly monkeys. This camp is for people of all ages and is available at all levels. There are three different courses running either nine days, two weeks or three and a half weeks. Each of these programs have various training courses, classes and workshops. Watamu is a fishing village with one of the most desirable sought out beaches in the world.

Local fitness Boot Camps: From Coast to Coast

1. St. Petersburg, Florida: Getaway Fitness' boot camp located at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort offers a tough workout program that is known to kick-butt. While surrounded by the immaculate Florida coastline and clear gulf waters, participants can soak up the sun and break a sweat why working toward fitness goals. At Getaway, people can start their day with a boot camp class on the beach accompanied by a day of intense physical fitness activities. The day ends with a relaxing trip to the spa or laying out on the beach.

2. Huntington Beach, California: G60fit on the wonderful west coast is set in Surf City, USA better known as Huntington Beach, California. With sunsets unlike anywhere else, working out is made pleasant with G60fit. This 60 day group fitness program is designed to strengthen the body and mind through cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and expert nutritional guidance. Whether a person’s aim is to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel good, this program will encourage and support all participants’ fitness needs.