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An Essential Guide to Wisely Choose a Group Fitness Boot Camp This Year


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Thrive Fitness & Wellness, a leader in creating fitness programs, actively promotes group fitness and is organizing a boot camp in Philadelphia to help people of all ages get fit.

Work can consume most of an average person’s time leaving no room for working out. Getting in shape has a lot of health benefits like people who work out have a reduced cholesterol, it boosts self esteem, reduces risk of getting injured, it increases metabolic rate, reduces blood pressure etc. These are the benefits of working out. However, getting in shape could be a great challenge when one doesn’t possess the dedication to do so. People make resolutions to get in shape this year and they start looking for boot camp that will help them achieve their fitness goals by all means.

“Boot camps will continue to be among the most popular fitness trends in 2014, as they have been for the past several years,” says Michael Munson, owner of Thrive Fitness & Wellness boot camp and personal training in Philadelphia. “There’s a good reason for that: these camps are highly effective in achieving considerable weight loss and fat reduction, while whipping not-so-perfect bodies into great shape.”

But there are even more benefits in joining a Group fitness or boot camp, Munson points out: fun, varied activities performed in a spirit of teamwork and group support.

However, before someone commit to an exercise program, they should make sure that they choose a boot camp that will meet all their expectations and requirements.

“As one would do with any business, product or service, shop around before they ‘buy’,” Munson suggests. “they will have a better chance of seeing the results they want, if they do their homework beforehand.”

What should an aspiring boot camper be looking for while choosing a boot camp? Munson recommends that they pay attention to these five points, which are indicative of the camp’s quality:

1. Is the instructor certified and knowledgeable about physical and mental health, nutrition, and motivational training? They should make sure he or she will expertly guide them towards their goals.

2. Are the workouts diverse or is it the same routine all the time? If there is no variety, they might not be challenged enough to realize the fitness goals they set for themselves or stay motivated long enough to achieve those results.

3. Does the program include exercises designed to reduce body fat, firm up butt and thighs, flatten the stomach, strengthen the muscles, and increase the energy level, flexibility, and agility? A good boot camp offers training that encompasses all these workouts.

4. Does the camp cater to people of all ages, body shapes, and fitness levels? They should feel comfortable and “fit in” while they exercise and enjoy the workout.

5. Does the camp have scores of satisfied clients - past or current - who can vouch about its effectiveness? Are any of these people repeat / regular customers? Check out the camp’s website for client testimonials.

“Once they find and sign up for a boot camp that fits all these criteria, they should attend regularly and stick with the program, for their own benefit” Munson urges. “Consistency is the only way to achieve the fitness and wellness goals.”

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