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Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- International governmental entities and businesses with operations in Southeast Asia need a means by which they can access timely, accurate news that delves deeper than simply stories that impact the west. Borderless News Online, an ASEAN-oriented, U.S.-based news source, works to report uniquely on the intricate politics of this geographic region, bringing readers news, analyses and interviews with key figures from the area to provide an insider's perspective.

This month, Borderless News Online's monthly newsletter takes readers deep into the heart of rural Thailand, exploring the potential for future unrest, while also providing an analysis on the recent human trafficking crackdown in Thailand, which experts doubt will end the problem. The website also features an article addressing a recent visit by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to the U.S., regarding the potential for the populous Southeast Asian country to reboot its stagnating economy.

In its article on Thailand, Borderless examines unrest in the politically-charged and economically troubled region of Isan. In an interview with Robert Dayley, the author of "Southeast Asia in the New International Era" states his belief that the situation will escalate "if things don't change for the better." A largely rural area with a population of 21 million, living standards have suffered after cuts to food and agricultural subsidies, deepening the already profound divide between rural and urban populations and increasing tensions in an area with a recent history of violent protest. The Borderless News Online article addresses both potential outcomes of this unrest, as well as roots of the issue.

Returning to Thailand as well as to human trafficking, a subject previously explored in-depth by the news source, Borderless reports this month on recent attempts to suppress human trafficking, a practice for which the region has unfortunately become notorious. In the article, author Matt Rusling predicts what – if any – effect that the arrest of many alleged perpetrators will have on the ultimate fight against modern slavery.

Borderless News Online also explores the issue of Indonesia's stagnating economy after the visit of President Joko Widodo to the U.S. The dignitary visited with the goal of recovering the country's former economic growth, discussing a lift on restrictions to international investment by cutting "red tape" and providing for progressive change. Interviews with experts, such as Murray Hiebert of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, explore the strategies that should be researched to increase the country's economic success, as well as the likelihood that they will be permitted.

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Borderless News Online was formed by international journalist Matt Rusling in response to a lack of news sources that specifically report on Southeast Asian events and issues, and is designed to provide businesses, governments, corporations and individuals with analyses of news relevant to their relationship to the Southeast Asian region. Rusling, a graduate of Northwestern School of Journalism and contributor to the New York Times, NPR, BBC Radio, USA Today and others, has reported from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Cuba and Washington DC. He has gone undercover in Thailand to investigate human trafficking; has interviewed top Asian CEOs and Asian political and religious leaders.