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Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny: An Ex-Drug-Abuser-Turned Pastor Undergoes a Metamorphasis That Inspires a Nationwide Healing Ministry

Written with gripping transparency by Dr. Gina R. Prince, “Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny” is the gritty testimony of how the author was released from a lifestyle of serial sin and self-doubt. Her confessions will cause the down trodden to believe there must be a God somewhere. In telling her story, Dr. Prince asserts there is no problem too large for God and firmly believes that if The Master could deliver her from the depths of despair, no matter how dark the day, deliverance is available to everyone.


Bristow, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- It is common knowledge that psychologists believe parental detachment during early childhood can leave a lifetime of psychological trauma. In the debut novel , “Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny,” Dr. Gina R. Prince shares how the death of her father at an early age and the inability to connect emotionally with her mother left her younger self with abandonment and identity issues that laid the foundation for an aimless search for love. When Prince could not find a replacement for her deceased father in family, drug addiction, sex or men, she tries God. Her Heavenly Father was waiting with open arms.

In Chapter 5, “Growth in the Spirit ,” Prince says she gained an understanding of the spirit realm and that was the beginning of her breakthrough. She uses her life story as an example of how others can recognize the spiritual implications in their behavior, find, and focus on the root of their problems. Especially pertaining to problems stemming from childhood, the book shows that without putting a mirror to your past, unresolved issues won’t heal. The key problem to emotional healing, Prince discovers, is not knowing who we really are. The author’s thought-provoking analysis of “self-created competing personalities” sets the book apart from being a testimonial cliché.

Now a Doctor of Theology, Prince experienced a full circle transformation. One of the keys to her healing was studying scripture daily and keeping a devotional journal, which inspired her to write the book. She found that the more she fed her spirit God’s Word, the less she hungered for the fleshly desires that previously defined her. A former Streamingfaith.com contributor, Dr. Prince is dedicated to using her personal and professional know-how to help others heal from emotional hurt through ministry efforts nationwide.

Gearing up for a busy summer schedule, on Saturday, May 17, 2014, Dr. Prince will hold a book signing at the Gospel Spreading Bookstore in Washington, DC from 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.

The book will Follow the author on Facebook at DrGina Prince. Prince is available for interviews and special events. For media inquiries or booking contact Mona Austin at Jireh Communications Group: (703) 986-3464.

About Dr. Gina Prince
Dr. Gina Prince is overseer of Gospel Truth Ministries International-East Gate Church located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. By the direction of the Holy Spirit she was ordained July 7, 2004. Since that time, Apostle Prince has joined together with other leaders locally and abroad through prayer and intercession to tear down the kingdom of darkness. As a defender of the gospel, her ministry is one of deliverance, intimacy with God and learning the truth of God's word. Apostle Prince is a graduate of Word Bible College/MNC, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Intercession.


“Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny,” Dr. Gina R. Prince, Non-Fiction; Publisher: Creation House

This compelling book illustrates the author’s journey from rebellion to redemption. Dr. Prince recounts many sordid experiences, including molestation, teenage abortion and an over twenty- year-long drug addiction that occurred prior to a life-altering encounter with God. Broader themes covered in the work include identity issues, spiritual strongholds and relationships. “Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny” teaches that spiritual transformation comes through forgiving those who hurt you and willfully surrendering to God, regardless of the source of the trauma. Shame, guilt, depression, reckless living? The salve for healing is revealed in this 127-page, quick read.